Do you buy sexy underwear on the Internet?

Do you buy sexy underwear on the Internet?


As an important part of everyone’s daily life, sexy underwear meets people’s basic needs, and also meets the psychological needs of people’s pursuit of happiness and excitement.However, buying sexy underwear online will involve legal issues?This article will analyze the questions from the perspective of law and security to answer you.

Look at the problem from the perspective of law

According to Article 25 of my country’s Public Security Management Penalty Law, "buying and selling obscene items, or distributing products with obscene means, or organizing prostitution activities, detained for more than five days, and more than 500 yuan or more than 500 yuan or more. Fine below the yuan. "Is it a" obscene item "for production and sale?The law does not clearly stipulate.Therefore, we must pay attention to whether the channels for buying are legal for buying sexy underwear online.

Channel legitimacy

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As citizens, we should develop a good habit of legal shopping.Regarding the purchase of sexy lingerie, we should buy regular stores and choose businesses with business licenses and legally operate in regular channels, so as to ensure the quality and legitimacy of the product.In addition, we must be alert to those tumor advertisements on scattered, niche websites, and many hidden safety hazards are hidden behind these advertisements.

Purchase guide

When buying sexy underwear in regular stores, you must pay attention to buying guidelines.First of all, considering the materials, fabrics, craftsmanship, size and other aspects of the product, the safety, quality, breathability, and comfort of the product must meet the standards.Especially for people with allergies, we must choose high -quality products.

Security risks

There is a certain hidden safety hazard in buying sexy underwear online.First of all, the products purchased may not meet national standards, with quality problems, and may even cause damage to human health.Secondly, the sexy underwear purchased may be stolen by others or even harassment, which is more common in the network environment.

privacy protection

When buying sexy underwear online, privacy protection is also an urgent problem.Before buying, you must see the privacy commitment of the merchant to avoid leakage of personal information, which is risked by harassment, receiving harassment calls, and online fraud.In addition, after purchasing, you must also unpacked and check whether the sexy underwear packaging is intact to prevent the purchase of products that are skewed and counterfeit.

payment method

When a regular store purchases sexy underwear, the payment method must be diversified, including online and offline methods, so as not to suffer losses due to online fraud.Legal online shopping platforms will provide all information to buy goods, as well as the settlement function of the shopping cart, which is convenient for users to perform payment operations.

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After -sales service

Buying sexy underwear online, after -sales service is also important.If you need to return and exchange or to maintain warranty, we need to have legal guarantee and perfect after -sales service.Therefore, before buying a sexy underwear, we must solve the after -sales service policy to avoid purchasing products with poor quality without getting effective rights protection methods.


There are risks to buy sexy underwear online, but as long as we comply with legal norms, choose legal channels, understand the situation of goods, consider privacy protection, diversified payment methods, and choose regular stores with after -sales service, we can safely and enjoy them safely and happily.Shopping online to meet our consumer needs.