How to wear a video of sexy underwear chain

How to wear a video of sexy underwear chain

What is a sexy underwear chain?

The sexy underwear chain is a sexy sexy lingerie style. It is usually composed of multiple metal rings. It can be surrounded by any part of the body like a necklace, reflecting sexy charm and temptation.It can bring a mysterious atmosphere to make yourself more sexy and seductive.


Before wearing a sexy underwear chain, you need to make some preparations.

Select the right chain style.You can choose chains of various materials, such as metal, beads, and so on.

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Measure your body size.Select the chain length that suits you according to your body size.

Prepare the mirror.Wearing sexy underwear chain needs to be carried out in front of the mirror.

Wearable steps

Below is the step of wearing a fun underwear chain:

Place the chain on the bed or plane, organize the shape of the chain so that it shows its favorite style.

Siege the chain around any part of your neck, wrist, waist, or legs.Be careful not to be too tight or too loose, keep a moderate tightness.

After wearing, observe your body through the mirror, adjust the chain and make it more beautiful.

After wearing, you can use some clean fabrics or soft brushes to clean and wipe the chain to maintain the lingerie chain while extending its life.

How to match the sex lingerie chain


The sexy underwear chain can not only be matched with his sexy underwear, but also shows a unique dressing effect with clothes.

Match with erotic underwear.You can choose to match underwear such as bra, underwear, and look more attractive at the same time as sexy.

Match with low -cut tops.Choosing a tight -fitting low -cut jacket with the sexy underwear chain can highlight your clavicle and chest curve.

Match with the umbilical outfit.The navel installation is very sexy, and the fun underwear chain will make the whole person more charming.


When wearing a sexy underwear chain, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

Select the right chain style.Different styles of chains are suitable for different occasions and body parts. Choose suitable for you to avoid inappropriate situations.

Don’t wear too tight or loose.The loose or too small of the sexy lingerie chain will affect the wearable experience and beauty.

Pay attention to cleaning.The sexy lingerie chain bar is easily contaminated with foreign objects, and it needs to be cleaned and maintained in time after wearing it.

common problem

Here are some common problems and solutions in the wearing of sexy lingerie chains:

When wearing a chain, the chain drops.You need to check the tightness of the chain and adjust the length of the chain.

After wearing, the chain is not beautiful.You can observe your body through the mirror and adjust appropriately around the chain.

Quality problems such as chain damage.You need to choose the sexual underwear chain of regular brands to pay attention to quality issues.

Sexual underwear chain wearing demonstration video

The following is a demonstration video of the sexy lingerie chain. You can see how others wear the sexy lingerie chain:

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The sexy underwear chain is a sexy, mysterious, and seductive sexy lingerie style. It can show a sexy figure and increase confidence and charm.In the process of dressing, we need to pay attention to choosing styles, looseness, cleaning and maintenance, etc., to avoid uncomfortable wearable or low aesthetics.