Is it normal for the senior to buy me sexy underwear?

Is it normal for the senior to buy me sexy underwear?


The existence of sexy underwear has met people’s needs for sex, and gradually becomes more and more common in the lives of modern people.However, as a girl, if the senior sent me a sexy underwear, what do I think of?This issue deserves in -depth discussion.

Know the sexy underwear

First of all, we need to understand some of the basic knowledge of love underwear.The shape design, fabric texture and ordinary underwear are different from this underwear, which are mainly used to increase sexual interest and interest experience, and often accompanied by some sex game props.

The intention of the senior

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If the senior presented a sexy underwear, we should judge his intentions first.Does the senior intentionally make us gender?Or just want to regulate our relationship?Only by clarifying the senior’s intention can we make the right decision.

The relationship between the senior and me

Before considering the intention of the senior, we need to consider our relationship first.If we are just a very common relationship between classmates, the seniors suddenly send us sexy underwear, which will inevitably make people misunderstand.

Senior gender

In addition, the gender of the senior is also a factor that needs to be considered.If the senior is male, then his gift may make us embarrassed, and if the senior is a woman, it may make us feel that the other party has an attempt.

Our attitude towards sex underwear

Of course, our personal attitude towards sexy underwear also needs to be considered.Some girls like to wear sexy underwear to regulate sexual life, and some girls think that such things violate moral ethics.

The relationship between the senior and us

As girls, we should have a clear understanding of our emotional life.If there is some ambiguous emotions between us and the senior, then the senior’s sending sex underwear may be a way he likes us.


Thinking of your own values

When considering whether to accept sexual lingerie from the senior, we also need to think about our values.Some girls think that only their boyfriend can send sex underwear, while others do not have so many restrictions.

risk assessment

If we decide to accept the gift of seniors, we also need to do a good job of risk assessment.We need to consider whether there is an ambiguous plot, and that the changes that may occur with each other after receiving the gift of the senior.

Suggestions for processing methods

Finally, before receiving the sexual lingerie, we need to consider our own decision carefully.Of course, if we feel that such exchanges do not meet our expectations, then we should decisively refuse.At the same time, we should also pay attention to expressing our own rejection to avoid unnecessary harm to each other.


In my opinion, as a girl, we should think deeply about our thoughts, weigh the advantages and disadvantages, and determine our attitude before receiving the seniors’ giving away sex underwear.At the same time, when dealing with such a relationship, we should also adhere to our principles and values and clarify our bottom line.