Large -size sexy underwear fat MM200 jk JK

Large -size sexy underwear fat MM200 jk JK

Large -size sexy underwear fat MM200 jk JK

Wearing a sexy sexy underwear can not only increase the confidence and charm of women, but also increase the fun of interesting life.But for women with fat figure, choosing a suitable sexy underwear is a very difficult thing.This article will give some suggestions for women with large figures and lead you to find a large -size sexy underwear that suits you.

1. Understand your figure

Women with large figure should first understand their body size and understand their own body shape, which is very helpful for choosing the right sexy underwear.It is recommended to use a volume measurement instrument or go to a professional underwear store for help to ensure that the underwear size suitable for your body.

2. Choose the right underwear material

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Women with large figure should choose a sexy underwear with good support and comfort.Nylon, silk, pure cotton and other materials have excellent texture and breathability, which can improve the comfort of wearing.

Third, buy wide -strip straps, strap underwear

The wide -strip shoulder strap and strap underwear can effectively share the weight of the shoulder and chest. For the fat MM, it can reduce the burden on the back and neck, and ensure the tall and comfortable chest of the chest.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, especially for women with large figures, you can give priority to choosing a style of wide -strip straps and straps.

4. Choose the right color and style

Although black is always thin and high, in fact, if you choose the right color and style, underwear can also make women with large figures wear sexy and charm.In terms of color, it is recommended to choose dark tones or blended color, which can effectively cover excess fat and create a natural base effect.In terms of style, you can choose some V -line collar or low -cut style, so that you can expose sexy collarbone and disperse the too strong visual experience.

5. Pay attention to the style of the bra cup

When choosing a sexy underwear, Fat MM should pay attention to the width and height of the bra cup.You should choose a wider bra to better stand up the chest.The height of the bra also needs to pay attention to it, not to be too high, so as not to avoid the prefacge of the chest.

6. Choose the right tight pants underwear

For women with large figure, you can choose tight pants underwear to shape your hips and waist lines. You can also wear a bouquet of clothes to modify your body curve.But note that tight pants can only be tight to comfortable, too tight will affect blood circulation and breathing, making you unable to have a beautiful interesting life.


7. Don’t ignore sexy skirts

Women with a large figure can match their sexy atmosphere with a common sexy skirt when they cooperate with sexy underwear.And A -line, low -waist and other styles can highlight the advantages of the figure.

8. Pay attention to the details of underwear wearing

For women with large figure, pay attention to many details when wearing sexy underwear, such as whether the underwear waist is suitable, whether the excess fat will overflow during the wear process, adjust the shoulder strap, pull the bray cup wide, these are when wearing underwearPay attention to to ensure comfortable and sexy.

Nine, choose professional brand products

Women with large figures need to choose a formal and professional brand -made products when buying sexy underwear. This can ensure the quality and comfort of the product and avoid the situation that is not suitable for them.Search for some brands of sexy underwear stores to find shops that provide clothing specialized for large size fat MMs.

10. Summary view

Choosing a suitable large -size sexy underwear can make women with large figures also wear sexy and charm and enjoy a beautiful interesting life.When buying sexy underwear, you should pay attention to material, support, style color, choice of bray cup, and details of underwear.I hope that this article can provide some useful guidance for women with large figure.