Search for the keywords of sexy underwear

Search for the keywords of sexy underwear

How to search for sexy underwear that suits you

1. Understand your body shape

When you start searching for sexy underwear, you must first understand your own body shape.Because different figures are suitable for different types of underwear, and the relevant keywords when searching will be different.For example, if a full body, you can use keywords such as "large -size sexy underwear" and "oversized sexy underwear" to search.

2. Determine the occasion of use

There are many styles and uses of sexy underwear, so you need to clear the occasion to use when searching.If you are used to play between couples, you can search for keywords such as "sexy lingerie set" and "sexy sexy lingerie".If you are used for daily wear, you can search for keywords such as "light and breathable sexy underwear" and "half cups of sexy underwear".

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3. Understand the use of materials

The use of materials is also one of the factors that need to be considered when choosing sex underwear.Some people like cotton fabrics, and others prefer silk or European yarn.Therefore, in order to search for suitable sexy underwear more accurately, it is recommended to understand your preferences for materials before searching.

4. Select styles

There are many styles and designs in sex underwear, including lace, perspective, hollow, tight, etc.When searching, it is best to use multiple keywords at the same time, such as "lace sexy underwear" and "perspective sexy underwear", in order to search the corresponding styles more comprehensively.

5. Consider color

Color is also an important search factor.Sexy underwear of different colors can show different styles and atmosphere.For example, black is often regarded as a representative of sexy and implied, while red represents passionate love.When searching, you can use related keywords such as "black sexy lingerie" and "red color erotic underwear".

6. Understand the brand

Choosing a brand is also a factor that needs to be considered when searching for sexy underwear.Because there are many brands in the market, different brands will also provide different types of sexy underwear.When searching, you can use keywords of different brands, such as "Victoria’s Secrets Funwear", "Sitet Fo Sales" and so on.

7. Reading comments


After searching for your own sexy underwear, you can consider reading some related comments.Some users will share their own experiences and experiences and evaluate the corresponding products.These evaluations can provide beneficial information for searchkers and help to better choose sexy underwear that suits them.

8. Comparison price

When searching for satisfactory erotic underwear, the last step is the price.You can add keywords such as "discounts" and "discounts" when searching, so that it is easier to find more competitive products.

9. Follow materials and quality

For sexy underwear, quality and materials are very important.If you spend a lot of time looking for perfect erotic underwear, and finally you get underwear made of low -quality materials, then the effect you want cannot be achieved.Therefore, it is recommended to understand the brand’s quality certification and product approval process before buying to ensure that the selected underwear has high quality and satisfactory materials.

10. Summary

Searching for sex underwear has many factors, including body shape, occasion, material, style, color, brand, review and price.You need to understand your needs and preferences before searching, and use multiple keywords as much as possible when searching.Finally, before buying, you also need to pay attention to the brand’s quality certification and product approval process to ensure that the selected sexy underwear is higher, more comfortable, and better.