Self -made sex underwear underwear

Self -made sex underwear underwear

Background introduction

It is easy to buy sexy underwear and underwear in the market, but home -made sexy underwear and underwear are more creative and personalized.If you are a homemade enthusiast, or you want to try to DIY sex underwear and underwear at home, then this article will provide some useful skills and suggestions.

Tools and materials

First of all, you need to prepare some basic tools and materials, such as scissors, needle wires, webbing, stretch cloth, ribbon and lace.It is recommended to buy elastic and comfortable materials, such as lace fabrics.

Choose the right style and design

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It is very important to choose the right style and design. You can refer to the existing sexy underwear style in the market. You can also search for DIY tutorials on the Internet.After finding your favorite design and style, you can use a cardboard or adhesive paper to make a model so that you can be more accurate when making.


In order to ensure the perfect fit body, tailor -made is necessary.Use a soft ruler to measure your size, including bust, waist, and hips, and then design and produce according to your size and personal preference.

Cutting and sewing

According to the design and style, cut out the required fabrics and belts, and then sew.Sewing requires patience and carefulness to ensure the beauty and sturdy of the finished product.

Add special elements

In addition to basic styles and designs, special elements can also be added, such as pearls, rhinestones, or embroidery.These characteristic elements can make sexy underwear and underwear more pleasing and unique.

Try and revise

After the production is completed, you can try it on and corrected.If you find that there are inappropriate or uncomfortable places, you can adjust and improve it until you reach your ideal results and effects.

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Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance are very important, according to the guidance on the label.It is recommended to wash and dry it by hand to avoid using a dryer or sun to avoid damaging the materials and characteristic elements.

Share and display

If you are satisfied with the sexy underwear you make, you may wish to share and display it to your friends.You can also post photos and production processes online to communicate experience and experience with other enthusiasts.


Self -making underwear underwear and underwear not only have creativity and personalization, but also improve handmade skills and patience.Follow the above skills and suggestions, you can easily make your favorite sexy underwear and panties and enjoy your DIY fun.