Several models of sexy underwear on Taobao

Several models of sexy underwear on Taobao

Several models of sexy underwear on Taobao

When buying sexy underwear on Taobao, you will find that some models often appear on the pages of various sexy underwear products.What are the characteristics of these models?What are their modeling and dressed styles worth noting?Let ’s take a look at several models of sexy underwear on Taobao.

1. Fresh and natural beauty

The shapes of these models are mainly fresh.Their makeup is natural, and their hair is simply combed.They often wear simple sexy underwear, but these underwear are full of design and fashion, which is very suitable for young women.This model is very eye -catching because they can immediately try to try these interesting sexy underwear.

2. Sexy temperament

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The shapes of these models are very sexy.They usually have obvious makeup and rich hairstyle design.They are wearing various sexy erotic underwear, sometimes even wearing bellybands or leather underwear.This underwear is suitable for women with confident women, which can show their beautiful lines and sexy temperament.

3. Non -mainstream fashion attitude

These models are usually very cool, wearing various non -mainstream sexy underwear, such as fur underwear, multi -layered mesh, rough leather decoration, etc.Their makeup is mostly dark. This strong fashion attitude is suitable for young trendy ethnic groups.

4. Elegant aristocrat

These models are usually wearing various exquisite sexy lingerie, such as lace and silk underwear.Their shapes are very elegant, emphasizing their feminine charm and body curve.This shape is suitable for wearing weddings, dinner, etc., which can make you stand out in the crowd.

5. Coquettish sports model

These models’ underwear design emphasizes sports models. They often wear hip -hop sportswear, such as vests and sports shorts.This shape is very suitable for young girls with sports spirit.

6. Large -scale sexy

These models of underwear are often exposed, and they are even wearing sexy swimwear or hollow underwear.This underwear is suitable for women who are confident in their figure.This shape is very suitable in summer.

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7. The seductive fragrant

These models of underwear usually have various sexy details, such as ribbons, lace, lace, etc.Wearing these seductive underwear will make you extremely excited, adding more changes and stimuli to sexual life.

8. Classical style

These models of underwear are usually designed with classical classics, which is in line with the aesthetic and fashion tendency of oriental women.Embroidery, line drafts, ancient style lace and patterns are their first choice, which is very suitable for women who like retro, literature and art, and lightly mature.


When choosing sexy underwear on Taobao, understanding the characteristics and temperament of these models will help you better choose the right style.Different models represent different style and personality charm. You can choose your sexy underwear that suits you in combination with your own style, figure and personality, making you more confident, beautiful and sexy.