Sex underwear factory shooting

Sex underwear factory shooting

1 Introduction

Interest underwear is a clothing that makes women more confident and attractive.Behind the sexy underwear, there is an unknown manufacturing plant.Today, let’s explore the interior of the sexy underwear factory and see how the sexy lingerie is made.

2. Design and production

Interesting underwear first requires a designer.This designer will design different sexy underwear based on market demand, color matching and popular trends.Then, the factory will transform these design drawings into tailoring drawings and produce on the production line.

3. Material selection

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The material of sexy underwear is very important.Not only must we consider comfort and texture, but also their breathability and elasticity.Most sexy underwear materials are usually made of light silk, soft lace and flexible gauze nets.

4. Handmade

Although most of the sexy underwear production lines are machinery, some handicraft technology still plays an important role in the manufacturing process.For example, some complicated lace and embroidery need to be sewn to ensure that the quality and details are real.

5. Quality management

Sex underwear manufacturers pay great attention to product quality because this is the spokesperson for their reputation.The manufacturer will go through a series of inspections and tests to ensure that it meets standards and customer needs.If the product does not meet the standard, it will return the production line to change or re -manufacture.

6. Equipment and packaging

The sexy underwear produced must be assembled and packaged for sale.The entire packaging process includes packaging, marking, logo and packaging.All erotic underwear requires a unique logo and packaging to distinguish between other similar products.

7. Cleaning and maintenance

Due to the particularity of sexy underwear materials, it requires special care.The manufacturer has detailed cleaning and maintenance instructions to help customers ensure the life and quality of underwear.It is recommended that customers use mild detergents, wash their sexy underwear, and dry them instead of drying.


8. Market response

Sex underwear producers need to continue to change or even redesign products according to the needs and reactions of the market.They will collect market data and consumer feedback to understand which color, shape, size, etc. are more popular.The manufacturer has adjusted the cutting and material selection to the maximum to ensure that production can keep up with market demand.

9. Delivery

After the sexy underwear is manufactured and packed, they will eventually be shipped to the distributor or customer.Sex underwear producers use the transportation company to send the product directly to the customer, and they can also be shipped to the warehouse of the distributor or wholesaler and wait for the distribution.

10. End view

Now we have understood how the sexy lingerie is made. In order to continuously improve the quality and privacy, its manufacturers have adopted many modern craftsmanship, technology and materials.It is hoped that in the future, sexy underwear factories can continue to improve, produce better products, and provide customers with better services.