Sex underwear photography Xiaohuangwen

Sex underwear photography Xiaohuangwen

Sex underwear photography Xiaohuangwen

The design of sexy underwear can increase sexy atmosphere, which is the favorite of many women.In order to show the charm of these sexy underwear, many photographers use some tips when shooting.Below, let’s take a look at Xiao Huangwen of sexy underwear photography.

1. Use angle to highlight the curve

For different underwear styles, different angles can highlight their characteristics.For example, any angle of the briefs and bras and bras can highlight the curve of women and become a visual focus.

2. Use light and shadow cleverly

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The photographers can achieve a certain smoke effect through different angles and strengths of the lights, or use excessive exposure and blur technology at the same time. It makes it as if the emotional effect of underwear only exists in blurry air can achieve the effect of highlighting beauty.

3. Use the enhancement effect of the later trimming

Use high pixel cameras to shoot during the shooting to ensure that the photos taken are clear enough.When processing photos later, you can use PS software to adjust, change light and color, prevent excessive use of special effects of blurring or beauty, and maintain the true texture of the underwear.

4. Choose a scene suitable for underwear style

If you want to take good erotic underwear photos, you need not only the beauty model and good photographer, but also the scenes that fit the underwear style, such as indoor sofas, beds, bathrooms, balconies, etc. These places will leave sexy,Auditors such as comfort.

5. Slim waist

No matter which underwear, the slender waist is one of the most prominent part of the photographer.Because the slender waist often makes people feel aesthetic, photographers need to use various means such as clothing, props, and fans to emphasize women’s slender waist and create a beautiful and sexy feeling.

6. Relax the natural expression

In order to show a natural gesture in front of the photographer, women need to put down their own posture when they get a previous shooting, smile with a smile, and let the photos pass a sexy and natural atmosphere. This is also one of the most sexy underwear photography.The essential skills.


7. Different underwear styles

Different underwear styles correspond to different poses.If lace’s corset or sexy briefs, women can lie on the bed or kneel on the ground for shooting; if it is perspective underwear, women can try to sideways or lengthen the figure; and the chiffon vest or tight in the doorLeather pants need to show the power and throbbing of women.

8. Familiar with the characteristics of your body

Each woman’s body and temperament are different. Therefore, in order to take photos suitable for sex underwear, photographers will shoot according to the characteristics of different women.For example, women with more graceful figures are suitable for wearing lace underwear for shooting, and plump women can choose some underwear styles with waist effects to make their bodies more prominent.

9. Use accessories

The sexy underwear itself increases the sexy atmosphere of women. If you put on some small accessories such as rose, bow, and drilling, the entire shooting process will be more artistic.Therefore, photographers need to consider using some small accessories to increase the wonderful sense of underwear appearance, and make the creativity and artistic sense better combine.

10. Confidence and natural attitude

The most important point is as a woman, and the self -confidence and natural attitude is in front.Whether it is shooting or daily wear, the best situation is always a confident attitude.Therefore, it is particularly important to maintain a confident attitude when shooting.

Viewpoint: Interesting underwear photography requires the tacit cooperation and cooperation of photographers and models.The photographer needs to create the most suitable style according to the characteristics of the model and body, and the model needs to become natural and confident in the face lens, and put on the most beautiful state.However, we must respect yourself anyway, because self -confidence and nature are the most beautiful.