Sexual Emotional Lepato Open File

Sexual Emotional Lepato Open File

Sexual feelings are a must -have for modern women to maintain vitality and increase charm.One of the special sexy underwear -opening underwear provides more possibilities without affecting wearing beauty and sexy.The following will introduce you in detail the style, method, and precautions of the opening underwear.

1. What is opening underwear

Open underwear refers to the sexy underwear with open crotch in the design. Unlike traditional underwear, it allows women to perform various sexual behaviors without taking off their underwear.Women can explore their own and partners’ bodies more freely while wearing, and it is also easier to reach the orgasm. It is a fashionable, sexy, and practical underwear.

2. Style of opening underwear

There are many styles of opening underwear, and each style has different designs and uses.The most common opening underwear is T -type opening underwear, as well as hook buckle, zipper type, lace suits, etc.Each style has different adjustment methods and material options.Choose a style that suits you, the effect will be better.

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3. How to wear the underwear

You need to be careful to wear open underwear to ensure that the position of the panties is correct.It is recommended to go to the bathroom before wearing, put the vest and panties on the hips, and then pull it on the waist.This can prevent uncomfortable situations after wearing.

4. The material selection of the underwear

Due to the particularity of use and design, the material choice of open underwear is very important.Generally speaking, silk and cotton underwear with breathable performance are more suitable as a material choice for opening underwear, making the body more comfortable and reducing the stimulation of the skin.

5. How to match the underwear

The matching method of opening underwear requires a certain sense of sexy.It is recommended to choose sexy cosmetics and high -heeled shoes to make the entire shape more perfect.In terms of color and material, it should be matched according to your skin color and figure.Such as: dark underwear can show sexy and mature temperament, and light -colored underwear is suitable for young women.

6. Maintenance method of opening underwear

Due to the unique design of the underwear, special use, maintenance also requires special attention.Generally speaking, it is necessary to wash it with hand, and you cannot use bleach and high temperature water. Do not expose and dry in the sun.It is best to dry naturally in a ventilated place.

7. Note

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Pay attention to your own safety and hygiene in wearing open underwear.It is recommended that after the partner has taken protection measures, it should be cleaned regularly to maintain hygiene.

8. Use of the use of underwear

The opening underwear is not applicable at all times. Most women take off their underwear when they sleep, so the opening underwear is superfluous when sleeping.It is suitable for use in emotional life, increase interest and enhance experience.And it is suitable for having sex in the lives of husband and wife to enhance emotional interaction.

9. The advantages of opening underwear

The advantage of opening underwear is obvious. It allows women to be more comfortable and comfortable in sex while wearing sexy underwear.Especially for some women, wearing sexy underwear is also a kind of sexual enlightenment, helping them better understand their bodies.

10. Viewpoint

As a special sexy underwear, the opening underwear has a special design and use. It needs to be careful when wearing methods, but the effect of use is very significant.Wearing open underwear can increase experience and interest, it is very effective for maintaining harmony between marriage and enhancing personal charm.