What brands do creative sexy underwear?

What brands do creative sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is not only a simple cover of the body, it can represent the charm and style of women.Now, creative sexy underwear has become a very sought after culture in the fashion circle.So, what brands can represent the fashion of creative sexy underwear?

1. Agent Provocateur

The Agent Provocateur brand was founded in 1994. It is a high -end brand and has been regarded as "Chanel" in sexy underwear.The creativity of a variety of products of this brand is very eye -catching, complicated and full of exotic conditions.

2. La Perla

La Perla is a brand founded by Italian female Ada Masotti in 1954. It is famous for its delicate and delicate design and high -quality fabric materials.It represents the unique Italian tradition and exquisite handicraft art.

3. Bordelle

Bordelle is actually a British brand and was founded in 2009 by Alexandra Popa.The brand is famous for its unique and strange accessories, metals, zippers and hard design, and looks very sexy.

4. Atsuko Kudo

ATSUKO Kudo is a Japanese designer. She is very famous in the field of sexy underwear design. She has appeared in many high -end fashion magazines and "Murders Women’s Magic" and other programs.Her style is famous for its delicate rubber material and magnetic design.

5. Lascivious

The Lascivious brand is a self -confidence, independence and mouth -watering brand.The brand’s design is very bold and fully reflects the exquisite, sexy and teasing style.


Damaris Evans is a British sexy underwear designer. The design style has both the unique and elegant and elegant Britain, but also full of women’s unique sexy fashion. He constantly tried his own design concept and has become the choice of many stars.

7. Marlies Dekker

The Marlies Dekkers brand was created by the Dutch underwear designer Marlies Dekkers.Her design style is mainly collage and geometric patterns, and boldly expresses women’s independence and combat character.

8. Myla

Myla is a creative brand, and underwear designers provide British women with innovative clothing.Many different fabrics and accessories can be seen in the Myla series, including glasses, shoes, and underwear. These elements create a structural and aesthetic revolution.

9. Folies by renaud

Folies by Renaud is a French underwear brand and a new star in the sexy underwear industry.The brand’s design is usually bold and colorful, which is very popular with the creative design of a variety of different elements.

10. Cadolle

Cadolle was founded in Paris in 1889.After 129 years of development, Cadolle has developed into a long -established luxury brand, and its design style pursues comfortable and elegant style.


The design of creative sexy underwear is an art that allows women to express their charm and elegance.In the current era, more and more women like to wear this eye -catching sexy underwear, and they choose to express themselves freely.In terms of design, technology, or quality, these brands have their own characteristics and bring more choices and opportunities to women.

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