What do boyfriends mean to get sexy underwear?

What does a boyfriend mean to send a sexy underwear?

Paragraph 1: What is the sexy underwear?

As an adult product, sexy underwear is a very popular sex toy in recent years.It is usually composed of sexy underwear and toys. The appearance is exquisite and focused on visual effects. The materials of the underwear are used in high -grade fabrics such as silk and lace to achieve sexy and comfortable purposes.

Paragraph 2: What occasion is suitable for sending sexy underwear?

Interesting underwear as an adult product, suitable for the other half to give you in some suitable occasions.For example, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary Day, Couple Day and other special days.In addition, sexy underwear can also be used as a sexy toy to increase interest and pleasure.

Paragraph 3: What is the significance of a boyfriend to send sex underwear?

The choice of sexy underwear is a man’s expression of women’s bodies.Men can express their appreciation of women’s bodies by buying sexy underwear and care and love for women.At the same time, sexy underwear can also increase interest and make the sexual life of the two more abundant and interesting.

Paragraph 4: What should I pay attention to when my boyfriend sends sex underwear?

When choosing a sexy underwear, men need to pay attention to women’s figure and preferences.Different figures and preferences are suitable for different sexy underwear, so it is very important to understand the size and style preferences of girlfriends.

Paragraph 5: Can I only wear sexy underwear in bed?

The function of sexy underwear is not only sex, but it can also wear in daily life.The design of some sexy underwear itself is very special. They are not just used to increase interest and sex, but also can be worn as ordinary underwear.

Duan 6: How to wear sexy underwear is more attractive?

Wearing erotic underwear is to increase interest and charm, but how to wear can increase charm?First of all, pay attention to whether the style and color of the sexy lingerie are suitable for your body and skin color. Second, with the appropriate makeup and hairstyle, finally is confident and smile.

Paragraph 7: Will women be discriminated against in sexy underwear?

In some more traditional society, women wearing erotic underwear will be considered vulgar and downward behaviors, and may be discriminated against and condemned.However, with the continuous progress of society, more and more people think that sex is open and sexy toys are not moving, so women wearing sexy underwear will not be considered abnormal.

Paragraph 8: The principles that men and women should follow in sex underwear

In the process of sending love underwear, several principles should be followed by men and women.The first is to think about the health of the other person, choose good quality, safe, and comfortable sexy underwear.The second is to choose a suitable occasion to give gifts. Do not directly use sexy underwear as ordinary gifts. Gifts in public places can cause embarrassment.

Duanjiu: How do men choose the size when buying sexy underwear?

When choosing sexy underwear sizes, men can choose according to key data such as his girlfriend’s height, weight, hip, bust, etc.If the accuracy of the data cannot be ensured, you can choose elastic clothing, or buy a loose underwear.

Paragraph 10: Summary

Boyfriend to send sexy underwear is not a thing that makes women feel embarrassed or embarrassed.How to choose and wearing sexy underwear is an art, the key is the choice of appreciation, preference, quality, comfort and size.If both men and women can follow some basic principles, the gift of sexy underwear will become an interesting and unforgettable gift.

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