What do you mean by free sex underwear?

What is free -free underwear?

Remove sexy underwear (also known as "shoulder -free erotic underwear") is a kind of sexy underwear that has become more and more popular in recent years. It is especially suitable for clothes such as open -back, suspenders, because it does not have a shoulder strap and will not affect it will not affect it.The effect of dressing.However, many people will feel that it will be easy to get out of the sexy underwear without wearing a shoulder strap, so it is not easy to match the clothes.In fact, if you choose the appropriate free sex lingerie, it will not be easily dropped, and it can take care of the dressing feelings and aesthetics.

Choose the right free sex lingerie

Choose a suitable free -free lingerie, be sure to pay attention to the size choice.Excessive or too small size will cause uncomfortable wear and easy to drop.In addition, the style is also important. It is recommended to choose a style with wing support, so that it can fix it more firmly around the chest and not easy to slip.

What are the particularly suitable for?

Removing erotic underwear is particularly suitable for limited occasions and needs to show sexy skin clothing, such as weddings, dinner, party, etc.It allows you to show your sexy and self -confidence without affecting the effect of dressing.

What are the choices of materials?

It is also different from sexy underwear, including silk, lace, cotton, polyester fiber and so on.If you want to wear more comfortable, you can choose the style of cotton or polyester fiber; if you want to show a more sexy feeling, you can choose the style of silk or lace.

How to wear free and erotic underwear?

Before wearing a sexy underwear, be sure to confirm whether the size and style are suitable for you.When you wear, you can first wear out the free sexy underwear, and then straighten your arms up, fix the exemption of erotic underwear in front of the chest, and then adjust the hem and set off effect.

What details do you need to pay attention to?

Wearing a sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to keep your back dry, otherwise it will cause free -range sexy underwear to slip.In addition, long -term wear can also lead to discomfort on the shoulders and backs. It is recommended not to wear it for a long time. You can rest and change to wear appropriately.

How should we maintain free and sexual underwear?

There are the following suggestions for the maintenance of the maintenance of sexy underwear.First of all, do not use cleaner such as bleach, soft agent, and avoid repeated scrubbing to avoid damaging the fabric and support structure of the underwear.Secondly, cold water hands are the most safe and reliable, and naturally dry to avoid high temperature exposure or machine washing to avoid damage.

The type of free sex underwear

There are also many types of sexy underwear, including chest pads, no chest pads, half cups, full cups and other styles.Everyone’s needs are different, and they can choose the right style and size according to their needs.

Recommend a few free -free lingerie

The following is a few free sexy underwear recommended by the author based on long -term use and consumer feedback:

Embroidered shoulder strap underwear: Use high -quality lace fabrics, soft and comfortable fabric, and feel good.

Tape -type strap underwear: The tape is fixed design, which will not loosen or slide. It is suitable for occasions that require frequent dynamic activities.

Ceypper -free erotic underwear: uses delicate silk fabrics, sexy and noble, and more suitable for high -end occasions such as dinner.


Removing erotic underwear is both a stylish matching element and a way to show sexy and confident.Choose the right style, the appropriate size, and take care of them properly. Removing erotic underwear will become the finishing touch of your wearing and mood.

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