Where does Taobao sex lingerie map come from?

1. The source of Taobao sex underwear pictures

The source of Taobao sex underwear pictures is mainly divided into two types: one is the reality show or product display map taken by the merchant themselves, and the other is collected from the Internet.

2. The reality show of the merchant’s selfie

Some Taobao Instead Underwear Merchants will shoot reality shows or product display charts by themselves.The biggest advantage of this method is high authenticity, allowing potential consumers to understand product details and wear effects more clearly and truly.But the disadvantage is to require shooting levels, including photography skills, shooting lights, clothing matching, modeling design, etc.

3. Collect pictures from the Internet

Some merchants do not have the ability or time to take pictures of their own pictures. At this time, they will search for related pictures from the Internet to use.The advantage of this method is time -saving and effort, but the disadvantage is relatively obvious. Because the source of the picture is unknown, there may be risk of copyright issues or inconsistent with the actual situation of the product.

4. Taobao real shooting evaluation photo

On Taobao, many sexy underwear merchants will allow customers to shoot the products they buy, and upload it on the product introduction page as a real photo evaluation photo. This method is very practical, which can make customers understand the product effect more truthfully.However, this method requires a certain quality of merchants’ products, otherwise customers will have a negative impact on the product.

5. Picture refinement skills

No matter what kind of picture sources are used by merchants, they need to master a certain amount of refined skills.These techniques include coloring, cutting, and adding watermarks. Through these methods, the images can be more vivid and authentic and increase the purchase rate.

6. The prospects and background of the picture

When taking pictures of sexy underwear, the prospects and backgrounds of the picture also need to pay attention.The prospects mainly refer to the model or the product itself, and the background is the environment or placement of behind the model.If the future and background choices are improper, it will have a large negative impact on the product.

7. Shooting angle and light

The shooting angle and light are also the two issues that sexy underwear merchants need to pay attention to.The angle of shooting needs to choose the angle that can best highlight the characteristics of the product, while the light needs to fully use the light to improve the quality of the picture, but do not make the light too dazzling.

8. Format and size of upload pictures on the Internet

Taobao sex underwear merchants upload the picture to Taobao, you need to pay attention to the format and size of the picture.The picture format mainly includes JPG, PNG, etc., and the size needs to be selected according to the requirements of Taobao, usually about 750*750 pixels.

9. The importance of product description text

In addition to pictures, product description text is also very important.Interesting underwear merchants need to pay attention to the accuracy, vitality, and understandable of the product description of the text, so as to better attract customers’ attention.

10. Viewpoint: Interesting underwear merchants need to pay attention to the quality of the picture, improve the authenticity and attractiveness of the product. At the same time, we must also pay attention to the compliance of copyright issues and actual situations.

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