Where is a lot of erotic lingerie hidden?

Where is a lot of erotic lingerie hidden?

When buying sexy underwear, many people make a mistake: put all the sexy underwear in ordinary wardrobes.But in fact, sexy underwear needs a special preservation method than ordinary underwear.So, where is a lot of sexy lingerie hidden?Let’s introduce them one by one.

Store in a special sexy underwear box

Some sexy underwear brands will send sexy underwear boxes, or you can buy some special sexy underwear boxes.Placing underwear in the underwear box can protect the underwear that is not squeezed and deformed by other items. It can also prevent the fabric from moldy because of the air with excessive exposure of humidity.

Storage in plastic bags

For some particularly expensive sexual sexy lingerie, it is recommended to put it in a sealed plastic bag.This can more effectively prevent the dust and bacteria on the underwear in the air.But be sure to clean it before use.

Put in a special sexy underwear drawer

Some erotic lingerie brands will provide unique sexy underwear drawers, because the sexy lingerie style is special and needs to be more careful than ordinary underwear.Put the underwear door in a drawer class, which can make you choose more conveniently.

Hang on the hanger

For some sexy underwear with mesh -like materials, folds, or raised patterns, hanging on the hanger is more suitable than stacked.In this way, the appearance and tailoring of the underwear can be kept intact without being damaged by other fabrics.

Put in a special material underwear bag

Underwear bags are a special material made of special materials that can be used to keep the underwear dry and hygienic.It is recommended to choose a soft underwear bag, which should be delicate in the eyes to avoid scratching sexy underwear.

Sewing in the sex lingerie storage cloth

For underwear storage problems, you can choose to sew sex lingerie storage cloth and organize your own sexy underwear.In this way, the underwear can keep the underwear clearly and orderly, and it is not easy to confuse.

Storage in the gap below the mattress

The gap below the mattress is usually ignored, but it is actually a good sexy underwear storage location.Putting the sexy lingerie in this gap neatly, not only can it be separated by moisture and bacteria, but also can save space.

Placed on the rack

If there is a rack, it is a good choice to stack the sexy underwear neatly on the rack.Setting racks can avoid the threat of sex underwear by the outside world, and it can also classify your underwear style at any time.

Finally, although choosing how to store your sexy underwear is a very personal choice, but pay attention to keeping the underwear clean, dry and hygienic.Only in this way can we have a longer good dress experience.

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