Where is the classification of sexy underwear on Taobao?

Interest underwear is a very popular market. Whether it is offline physical stores or online e -commerce platforms, many people buy this product.If you buy sexy underwear on Taobao, which category will it be attributed?The following is my answer:

1. Clothing, shoes and hats

On Taobao, sexy underwear will be classified as clothing and hats.Because this underwear is similar to clothing and hats, there are many different styles and colors, which will make people shine.

2. Women’s underwear

Of course, sexy underwear can also be classified as ladies underwear.Because this underwear is mainly designed for women, and there are many styles and colors for women to choose from.

Third, adult supplies

In addition to the above two categories, sexy underwear may also be classified as adult supplies.This classification is relatively rare on Taobao, but if you search for sex or adult products, you may also see the existence of this underwear.

Fourth, inflatable dolls

Some sexy underwear can also be attributed to inflatable dolls.Because this underwear is sometimes sold with inflatable dolls, and some styles are similar to inflatable dolls, it is easy to be attributed to this category.

5. Aid supplies category

In addition, sexy underwear can also be attributed to love supplies.Because this underwear is designed to increase sexual interest, it has some similarities with other lovers.On Taobao, it will also be classified in this way.

6. Cosmetics category

Surprisingly, some sexy underwear may be classified as cosmetics.This classification may not be very common, but if sexy underwear is paired with cosmetics sales packages, it may be attributed to this category.

Seven, gift toys

Some merchants sell sexy underwear with gift toys, so this underwear can also be attributed to gift toys.This type is more common on Taobao.

Eight, others

In addition to the above seven categories, some sexy lingerie may be difficult to divide into specific classification.These sexy underwear is usually classified as other categories and sells for sale.


In general, the classification of sexy underwear is not very fixed.On Taobao, this underwear may be attributed to clothing, shoes and hats, ladies underwear, adult products, inflatable dolls, love supplies, cosmetics, gift toys, or any other category.When buying sexy underwear, it is best to search according to the actual situation, and do not lose into the classification of the category.

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