Why does the sexy underwear button open ahead?

Why does the sexy underwear button open ahead?

There are countless styles of sexy underwear, and new products are launched in each season. Some of these designs look strange and inconspicuous, such as the buttons are driving ahead.Although this design is not unusual, it has now been liked by many women.In this article, we will discuss why the sexy underwear button is in front, and the advantages of this design.

1. Design is more user -friendly

The overall design of sexy underwear is to make the wearer more comfortable, free and sexy.Large buckles are rare in the back, and putting them in front is an increasingly popular design trend.Because the buckle in the front can let the wearer wears and take off freely, and even you can easily wear and take off alone.

2. Women are more convenient to wear

Women’s underwear has different functions, such as promoting and shaping, but usually their ways to enter (penetrate and take off) are the same.You need to help unbut bute when you wear clothes, but if the buttons are in front, this trouble can be greatly reduced, and dressing becomes more convenient.

3. Improve breast morphology

Some underwear are designed for breast form. In this case, the buckle in the front can better maintain and shape the breast form.They can more accurately control the tightness of underwear and make the breasts look more three -dimensional and natural.

4. Enhance sexy

The sexy underwear itself is to enhance sexy, and the previous buttons can add a little mystery to the wearer.Only when the underwear is removed can we see all of the inside, and this design can increase the sense of distance between the two.

5. Diversified design

In order to make the market share occupied by sex underwear, manufacturers continuously develop new designs, and the buckle in the front is the extraordinary one of them.The diversity of buttons and the design of various styles before and after can meet the needs of women’s diversity and attract consumers’ attention.

6. Highlight the female chest of women

Some women want their chests to be more prominent, and some sexy underwear open buckle design is born for this.Adjust the level of tightness, make the chest look fuller, prominent, and more obvious.

7. Easy to match with other clothes

Women’s wardrobes usually have many clothing. Before sexy lingerie, you usually need to unlock your clothes to put on underwear.If the buttons are in front, you can save this step, which is more convenient to wear and the style.

8. The body shaping effect is more obvious

Part of the design of the sexy underwear helps women shaping, regulating body shapes, etc. For example, multiple lingerie can be buckled in front, allowing the wearer to better control the weight loss effect and sweat.The previous buttons can also change the tight effect according to different occasions.


In general, the appearance of the buckle design in front of the sexy underwear is very necessary, because it can make the wearer more free, more convenient and personalized.Although it may have some unique aesthetic styles, its advantages make it popular.Therefore, whether it is buying or designing sexy underwear, the button in front is a very practical design.

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