Wife agreed to buy a sexy underwear?

Why does my wife agree to buy sexy lingerie

Modern society is becoming more and more open, and people’s views on sex and love are constantly changing.In such a social environment, sexy underwear is no longer a taboo topic, but has gradually become a must -have for every sexy woman.However, many men do not know how to let their wives agree to buy sexy underwear.Here are some information, I hope you can better understand the importance of your wife’s consent to buying sex underwear.

Interest underwear is a powerful tool for stimulating love and sexual life

A bland sexual life will gradually lead to emotional alienation, which can easily lead to gap between husband and wife.To avoid this situation, you can use sexy underwear to stimulate your love and sex.In sexual life, wearing sexual relationship fun underwear is a good way to increase interest.These sexy underwear will increase the curiosity and freshness between you, making your sex life full of excitement and fun.

Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

Some women may not want to wear sexy underwear at home. They feel that they may not be sexy or unwilling to let their children see.If you want your wife to wear sexy underwear, you need to let her know the trick of choosing sexy underwear, and how to choose a lingerie that suits you.Tell her to wear sexy underwear to make her feel more sexy, confident, beautiful and eye -catching.Also tell her to choose a size, color and style that suits her to make herself feel comfortable.

Increase self -confidence and sexy way

The existence of sexy underwear will make women feel more confident and sexy.These underwear usually adopt perspective, lace, high waist and other designs, which can highlight the body curve of women, and there are many colors and patterns to choose from sex with sexual relationships.EssenceSo letting women feel more beautiful and charming when wearing fun underwear, and like themselves, this is one of the greatest significance of sexy underwear.

Sexy underwear is a tool that inspires passion

The passion of erotic underwear is not only sexy, but also to increase the freshness and mystery between husband and wife.After wearing a sexy underwear, it will inspire the two sides to more desire and stimulus, thereby increasing the fun of sexual life.

Adjust the relationship between husband and wife

When a sex life between husband and wife, wearing sexy underwear can help husband and wife to alleviate the relationship between each other.The unique design of sexy underwear allows both parties to better understand each other’s body and increase the fun of sex.The relationship between husband and wife gradually heated up and relieved the contradictions and pressure between husband and wife.

at last

In general, let your wife agrees to buy sexy underwear not only improves your sexual life, but also increases each other’s emotions and intimacy.But you also need to know that not all women like sexy underwear. If your wife is unwilling to buy sexy underwear, you should respect her choice.In the long run, as long as the relationship between husband and wife is stable, it is the most important.

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