Will you get angry when you buy a sexy underwear?

Will my husband get angry when you buy a sexy underwear?

For many women, sexy underwear is a choice that makes themselves more confident and sexy, but many women will worry that buying sexy underwear will cause their partner’s dissatisfaction and anger. So is this concern that makes sense?

Interesting underwear can increase interest

An important reason for buying sexy underwear is that it can increase the interests between husband and wife and improve sexual life.Selecting sexy underwear correctly can make women more confident, sexy and attractive, thereby enhancing the sexual attraction between husband and wife.In addition, the purple LED and purple lights with shorter ultraviolet wavelengths can increase the visual effect of sexy underwear.

Understand your partner’s point of view

Of course, when you are ready to buy a sexy underwear, you also need to understand your partner’s point of view.You may worry that your partner thinks you are not sexy enough or you are doing something exaggerated.In this case, it is recommended that you communicate with your partner first, ask his views, and show him some choices or some photos you like.On the basis of mutual understanding, the situation between the two sides can be unified.

Choose the correct size and style

Another important issue is to choose the correct size and style.If the sexy underwear is too small or too large, then when wearing a sexy underwear and trying to engage in sexual activities, this will become a big trouble.It is very important to choose a size and style that suits you. It can be more natural and comfortable when putting on it.

Choose a style that suits you

When choosing a sexy underwear, you should also consider your body and temperament and choose a style that suits you.If you are thin and tall, then some transparent and tulle styles are a good choice; if you are a sexy curve body, it is also a good choice to choose some high -quality lace and stockings.

Easy to buy and save money can be saved

Buying sexy underwear is usually much cheaper than going to physical stores.And buying sexy underwear online can also save time and energy, and can fully avoid the embarrassment during the purchase process.If you are worried about logistics, you can choose some well -known online sex lingerie store services. These shop service quality and logistics services are quite good.

Interests of underwear are adult products

Sex underwear is not an ordinary underwear.They are adult products in people’s lives, shaping the unique charm of women, and can play a role in increasing sexual interest, venting emotions, and reducing stress.In this regard, your partner should also have a corresponding understanding and support your choice.

Show sexy underwear in appropriate occasions

Although sexy underwear is an adult product, we still need to pay special attention when we show it.At the appropriate time, wearing sexy underwear can also have many advantages, which can make yourself more confident and more mysterious, but also avoid displaying on inappropriate occasions.


It is not bad for choosing, buying and wearing sexy underwear.When choosing, we need to know more about our partner’s ideas and choose the style and size suitable for our figure.Wearing sexy underwear on appropriate occasions may have a positive impact on our self -confidence and sexual life.

The last sentence

If you want to buy sexy underwear, you should know as much as possible and better understand yourself and your partner.Please rest assured to buy, and remember, "Sexy is not the only one, but it belongs to each of us."

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