Anime wearing sexy underwear

Anime wearing sexy underwear

Anime characters wearing sex underwear

In anime, many girls are wearing different styles of sexy underwear. Today we will learn about these characters and the sexy underwear they wear.

Show the sexy Maria

Maria from "Cherry Maruko" was a quiet girl at first, and later transformed into a sexy woman.She often wore sexy erotic underwear and short skirts to reveal her charming curve.Her sexy underwear has wave spots, bikinis, and lace, all of which are very sexy styles, in line with her current character.

Fascinating Bolly

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绫 绫 《in "Evangelion in the New Century" is a very charming girl, and her sexy underwear is even more criminal.Her sexy lingerie style has off -shoulders, rabbit girls and black lace, each of which exudes charming charm, making people unable to resist.

Handsome Green Valley for a long time

The actor of "My Hero Academy", Lvgukusu, is a boy, but he is also wearing a very sexy sexy underwear.His erotic underwear has corset, lace vests, and sex shorts, and each one can show his handsome and confidence.

Cute Koizumi Flower

Koizumi Flower Yang from "Academy Inscription Records" is a very cute girl, and her sexy underwear is a very rare style.Her erotic underwear has elements such as rabbit ears, bow and lace, which is very suitable for her cute girl.

Sexy Songming

Songming in "The Gate of Destiny Stone" is an ordinary girl from the outside, but the sexy underwear she wore is very sexy.Her erotic underwear has transparent, lace and swimsuit, each of which exudes her sexy charm.

Gorgeous An Zuizhi

An Zuozhi in "Black Pacific" is a very gorgeous woman, and her sexy underwear is no exception.Her erotic underwear is more decorated with beads and bow, and her style is more unique, showing her more gorgeous and noble on her body.

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Powerful red leaf

The red leaves in "Flower to Yilu Bo" are a very powerful woman, and her sexy underwear also reflects her strength.Her sexy underwear has black, transparent and side push, etc. Each shows her sexy and noble.

Sweet Wuheqin

From the Wuheqin of "Sister Four Leafs", it is a very sweet girl. Her sexy underwear also has its unique style.Her erotic lingerie is decorated with strawberries, cat ears and bow, etc., showing her sweetness and cuteness.

Charming Queen Ya Anna

The queen Ya Anna from "Magic Girl Elia" is a charming character, and her sexy underwear is also full of charm.Her erotic underwear has transparent, leather and split -off styles, and the decoration of various details, which is easy to attract eye -catching.

Simple Lu Buliang lost

Lu Buliang in "The Mystery of the Devil" is a very simple woman, as is her sexy underwear.Her erotic underwear has black, silver and golden styles, which is very simple, but also attractive.


In short, there are all kinds of characters wearing sexy underwear in anime. From sexy women to handsome men, each character has its own unique style and personality.No matter what style of sexy underwear, the most important thing is to choose the one that suits you, which is the most important.