AV sex lingerie trial plot

Expectation before trial

We often hear some people say that sexy underwear can change your feelings and emotions.This made me very curious and wanted to try it.From understanding AV’s sexy underwear to buying it, my mood has been very excited, and the mood of trying penetration is even more expected.

Consider factors for purchasing options

When choosing to buy sexy underwear, consider the factors.Different factors such as styles, colors, fabrics, and dimensions need to be considered, because only underwear that is suitable for your body can bring you a good experience.

The surprise of trial

When I tried the first sexy underwear, my imagination was perfectly practiced.It is tight, but it does not limit my breathing, which brings me a sense of confidence.The fabric is also very soft, and the comfort is beyond imagination.

Psychological barrier challenges

Many people may encounter their inner barriers and make them dare not wear sexy underwear.But once you no longer nostalgia, but to feel the confidence brought about by sexual and emotional underwear, your inner impression may change.

suitable size

It is essential to ensure that the correct size is the best effect.Choosing the right size is equally important, otherwise you will not feel the comfort and elegance brought by the sexy underwear.Therefore, before buying, be sure to customize or measure your body in detail.

Color choice

The color of sexy underwear is very different for everyone, and different people also have different interpretations and preferences for colors.It is best to choose the color that suits you. Different colors can make the appearance of the sexy underwear more beautiful and unique, and also show your personality and style.

Style choice

The style of sexy underwear is also very diverse, and the adaptation of various figures is also different.Therefore, before buying, it is best to understand the various styles of love underwear and choose a style suitable for your body to play the advantage of the underwear.

Use of different occasions

Different situations require different types of sexy underwear.Before buying, you need to determine what occasions to use underwear, and select the appropriate style and color according to the use occasions to show a better image and temperament.

details make a difference

The details of sexy underwear may determine the effect of your matching and cannot ignore any details.From the shoulder straps to accessories, every detail should be concerned, whether it is visually comfortable.

Ultimate feeling

Although some uncertainty and shyness may occur when trying on, trying various types of sexy underwear in different types make people feel very confident and sexy.If you have doubts about trying underwear, please let go of doubt and choose a sexy underwear that suits you, you will be surprised to find your beauty and charming.

Finally, don’t consider other people too much, you must pursue your own comfort and pleasure.Interest underwear may change yourself, making you more confident and charm.

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