Brazil wearing sex lingerie selection beauty show

Brazil wearing sex lingerie selection beauty show

Brazil wearing sex lingerie selection beauty show


The beauty pageant named "Different underwear Show" in Brazil is widely popular in the local area. The special feature is that the participants must put on sex underwear for display and selection, which makes the entire show more feast, and at the same timeLet the audience feast.

Player type

The player of the show comes from different backgrounds and occupations. After layer selection, most players are women, but there are also a few male contestants.

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The types of underwear worn by the contestants are very diverse, with simple sexy underwear to more diverse adult sex lingerie, and a variety of European and American sexy underwear. Different types of underwear show the different personalities, temperament and temperament and temperament and temperament of playersPersonal characteristics.

Jury standard

When selecting the players, the judges are mainly based on the appearance, temperament, self -confidence, and underwear matching. The entire scoring process should pay attention to both internal quality and external performance.

Show effect

This show allows the audience to learn more about different styles of sexy underwear, and has more inspiration for the choice and matching of underwear.At the same time, this show can also let the contestants show themselves, improve their confidence, and bring a positive role in their future life and career.

Social response

Although this show is controversial to some people, it has been supported and loved by the audience, and has continued to host several sessions, becoming a successful cultural activity in Brazil.

Show highlight


The biggest highlight of the show is that it has made underwear into an art form and presents a different visual feast for people, allowing people to enjoy the cultural connotation of the underwear while enjoying the beauty.


The success of the "different underwear show" beauty pageant not only allowed the audience to enjoy the visual feast, but also brought more creativity and inspiration to the field of underwear.At the same time, the success of this show also shows that traditional culture and fashion culture can be organically combined. As long as we appreciate and accept them with an open and inclusive mentality, they can bring us more surprises and fun.