Costume seductive sexy container

Costume seductive sexy container


Interest underwear is a special clothing that is designed to stimulate erotic and enhance sexual experience.In the costume series, sexy underwear has a unique design and style, which can meet people’s longing for ancient culture and the pursuit of sexual desire.

Ancient style

Increased lingerie is generally made of traditional Hanfu or the Republic of China clothing, which is made of elegant silk, cotton and linen, gauze and other fabrics.At the same time, it also adopts elements such as flowers, birds, ornaments, and cloud smoke commonly used in ancient costumes to create a seductive style without losing the classical beauty.

Tips Petalial sexy underwear

Tibetan petal -type sexy underwear is a unique type of ancient sexy underwear. It is made of soft fabrics such as silk or lace, which is exquisitely designed.Just the right cover and exposed skin can feel the perfect fusion of sexy and elegant at a glance.

Bowlon sexy underwear

The bow -type erotic underwear is designed with a triangular cup, which is covered with a delicate bow.This style can not only highlight women’s chest curves, but also make women more charming and moving, bringing very special charm.

Tienca sexy underwear

The tunnel sexy underwear is inspired by ancient folk costumes. It uses a variety of knots on clothing, which is strange and beautiful.This style is not only sexy, but also has a strong visual impact, which makes it difficult to resist.

Fragrant shoulder sexy underwear

The incense shoulder -like underwear adopts off -the -shoulder design, combining sensibility and noble.At the same time, many ancient elements have also been added, such as gold silk embroidery, tassel, feathers and other decorations, which are full of imagination.

Lace -style sexy underwear

Lace -style sexy underwear is the most common type of sexy underwear. Both traditional and modern styles are often adopted.There are also many styles of lace in ancient sexy underwear.The soft texture and curve beauty make lace -style sexy underwear a popular style.

Liney -style sexy underwear

The linen -style erotic underwear uses ancient flax texture fabrics. The color is mainly natural color. It is rich in aristocratic temperament.This style can not only be seductive, but also with a sense of freshness.

Straw -style sexy underwear

The straw -style sexy underwear uses traditional straw craftsmanship, using exquisite weaving on the clothes, soft and resistant to wear.This style shows both women’s sexy and natural and simple.

Chinese -style sexy underwear

Chinese sexy underwear often uses traditional Hanfu shapes into design inspiration, which is very gorgeous, elegant and generous.Many Chinese sexy underwear has a matching coat, which better shows mysterious sexy and temperament.


Temperature to seduce sexy underwear is a unique experience, which integrates ancient culture and modernity.Regardless of gender, age, race, you can find your own charm in costume sexy underwear and feel your sexy and fairy tales.

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