Fun lubricating oil to send sexy underwear


Modern society’s demand for sex products is getting higher and higher, and sexy underwear, as one of them, is widely used.However, it is generally ignored the matching of sexy underwear and erotic lubricants.In fact, sexy underwear with suitable sex lubricants can better play the effect of sex and provide better guarantee for the experience of sex products.Therefore, this article will explore the importance of lubricating lubricating oil to send sex underwear.

Why do I need fun lubricating oil?

In the process of sex, due to the influence of various factors, women may not be able to secrete lubricating fluid normally. At this time, the use of love lubricating oil appropriately can solve this problem.In addition, using lubricating oil can also play a role in reducing pain, enhancing pleasure, and extending sexual life time.

Types of erotic lubricating oil

There are many types of interest lubricating oil. Common water -soluble lubricants, oily lubricants, silicon -based lubricants, temperature lubricants, taste lubricants, etc.Different types of lubricating oil have different scope and effects, so you need to choose according to the needs and personal preferences.

How to use fun lubrication oil

Pay attention to the following points when using love lubricating oil:

When using it, you need to apply the lubricating oil to your fingers, and then apply it to the lubricant;

You cannot use oil -based lubricants and silicon -based lubricants with condoms, otherwise the condom will break;

It needs to be cleaned in time after use to avoid breeding bacteria.

Types of sex underwear

There are various types of sexy underwear, such as beautiful back underwear, lace underwear, three -point underwear.According to different occasions and needs, you can choose the right sexy underwear.

Sex underwear matching

When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to whether the color and style are suitable for matching with lubricating oil.Generally speaking, transparent or light -colored sexy underwear is more suitable for lubricating oil, because dark sexy underwear is easy to dye after using lubricating oil, which affects beauty.

The benefits of erotic lubricating oil to send sex underwear

The use of love lubricating oil and erotic underwear can better play the performance of both parties and enhance the pleasure of sexual experience.At the same time, it can also enrich the sexual lifestyle and make people happier in life.

Fun lubricant to send fun underwear applicable crowd

Interest lubricating oil with sex underwear is suitable for couples and married couples.Because this can better enhance the feelings of both sides and enhance the effect of sexual experience.

Precautions for sex lubricating oil to send sex underwear

The fun lubricant can be used with sexy underwear, but you also need to pay attention to the following:

When using lubricant, you need to do your best, do not use it too much;

Try to choose sexual products with quality assurance to avoid negative impact on the body;

It needs to be cleaned in time after use to avoid breeding bacteria.

in conclusion

It can be seen through the introduction of this article that sex lubricating oil and sexy underwear can be used together, and it can produce better results.However, you need to pay attention to some matters during use to ensure safety and hygiene.Therefore, choosing a suitable sex lubricant with the right sexy underwear will bring you a better sexual experience.

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