Guanyun sex underwear factory packaging


Guanyun sex underwear factory is a continuous innovative sexy underwear manufacturer, with a wide variety of sexy underwear.In order to better sell sexy underwear, the company not only focuses on the quality of the underwear itself, but also attaches great importance to the packaging design of sexy underwear.

Packaging material selection

Packaging materials plays a decisive role in the quality and protection of the product. Good packaging materials not only have a good fixed function, but also play a certain role in moisture -proof, shockproofing, and protection.Therefore, Guanyun Sexy Underwear Factory has selected high -quality packaging materials, such as environmentally friendly carton, foam, and permeable plastic.

Packaging design elements

The design of the packaging is one of the important parts of sexy underwear sales. Good packaging design can increase the sales of underwear.The unique and unusual packaging of the packaging underwear factory pays attention to the packaging design. The pursuit of unique and simple design styles is pursuing the unique and simple design style, and strives to make the underwear more eye -catching and achieve a good publicity effect.

Brand logo and trademark

Brand logos and trademarks are one of the most important elements in the sex lingerie industry.Therefore, the design of the packaging must be reflected in the brand logo and trademark.Guanyun sex underwear factory focuses on the visual effects of brand logos and trademarks. After careful design, each piece of erotic underwear has perfect brand logos and trademarks.

Packaging structure

After in -depth research on the packaging structure of sexy underwear, it is convenient for consumers to buy under the basic protection of underwear.The packaging structure of Guanyun Info Hide Factory is exquisitely designed, and each detail is almost perfect, which is praised by consumers.

Packed appearance

The appearance of the packaging is an important part of sexy underwear packaging design.When buying goods at the store, the appearance is the first to see consumers, so the appearance of the packaging allows consumers to feel the brand’s uniqueness and product insights after seeing it at first glance.From multiple perspectives, Guanyun sexy underwear factory uses various aesthetic principles, and the appearance design of each sexy underwear is attractive to give people a beauty enjoyment.

Package Size

Packaging size is an important factor affecting warehousing and transportation.Guanyun sex underwear factory will also consider the effects of packaging size on logistics costs, adjust the packaging size so that the packaging can achieve a beautiful and practical effect.

Packaging color and copywriting

Packaging color and copywriting are the core of packaging design.Color and copywriting can convey the characteristics of sexy underwear brands. In the use of color and copywriting in color and copywriting, the uniqueness and simplicity of the color matching and copywriting allows consumers to easily understand the use of brand information and sexy underwear.

Implement intuitive order

Not only does it pay attention to the design and quality of the packaging, Guanyun sex underwear factory also emphasizes the realization of intuitive placement on the production line to ensure that consumers can clearly and simply complete the order process when purchasing underwear.


Packaging design is an important business of sexy underwear manufacturers. An excellent packaging design allows sexy underwear to better sell out.Guanyun sexy underwear factory focuses on the design, quality and practicality of packaging. I hope that through careful packaging design, every sexy underwear can be loved and recognized by consumers.

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