How to create opportunities for sex underwear

Choose sexy underwear suitable for the occasion

After buying sexy underwear, if you want to create opportunities, you must first consider the occasion.Different occasions require different styles of sexy underwear to cooperate.For example, you can choose a set of sexy sexy underwear at dating, and you can choose a more gorgeous and exaggerated style when participating in the party.

Match the right clothing

Matching clothing is also very important. You can match the corresponding clothes according to the color and style of the sexy underwear.For example, black erotic underwear can be matched with sexy and bold clothing, while white erotic underwear is suitable for light and refreshing clothes.

Grasp the timing and rhythm

The key to creating opportunities is to grasp the timing and rhythm.You can try to wear sexy underwear in relatively intense occasions such as parties, dating, nightclubs, etc., but pay attention to mastering the time and occasions, and do not make yourself and the people around you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.

Understand your body characteristics

Sex underwear is to better display the curve and lines of the body, so it is very important to understand your body characteristics.You can buy erotic underwear suitable for your body, which can highlight your advantages without exposing your shortcomings.

Pay attention to the quality and comfort of underwear

In addition to the appearance and style, the quality and comfort of sexy underwear should also be paid enough attention.You can choose a sexy underwear with brand guarantees, soft fabrics, and comfortable and breathable, which can not only feel comfortable, but also make yourself into the atmosphere faster.

Communicate with partner

When creating opportunities, communication and cooperation with partners are also crucial.You can convey your own ideas and needs to your partner, let the other party put forward reasonable suggestions and plans, and jointly create a fun experience to satisfy both parties.

Try different ways and matching

In addition to choosing different styles of sexy underwear, you can also try different ways and matching.For example, wear sex underwear outside, or put a thin clothes on the outer layer of the sexy underwear to achieve different effects.

Make a self -confidence mentality

In the process of creating opportunities, we must maintain a self -confidence.In order to better show your charm and sexy, don’t be raised and visioned by the outside world, and maintain your beliefs and thoughts in order to truly be confident and comfortable.

Don’t force

Finally, pay attention not to force.Create opportunities to make yourself and your partner be happier and satisfactory. If you feel uncomfortable or unwilling, don’t force yourself or each other to respect each other’s wishes and choices.

End view: Interesting underwear is a good way to enhance your charm and enhance your companion experience experience, but pay attention to the choices and matching of occasions, time, and matching.The most important thing is to maintain a self -confidence and free mentality and enjoy the beautiful experience brought by interest.

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