How to get sexy underwear straps

How to get sexy underwear straps

How to get sexy underwear straps

Interest underwear is no longer just a casual suit. It has become a must -have for women to make women more confident and sexy.And the details of the underwear also determine its perfection. How can we put the band correctly?What is the correct way to wear stockings?Let’s introduce this article to the usage of sexy underwear and socks.

1. Understand the suspender and detachable band

The suspenders and removable bands are used in fixed underwear, but there are some differences between them.The demolition band is designed to remove it for other use, while the suspender is fixed on the underwear that cannot be disassembled.The suspender is usually worn at a party or dinner, and the disassembly band can be worn as daily due to convenient use.

2. How to correctly penetrate a transparent shoulder strap

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The transparent shoulder strap can wear underwear safely and comfortably at different occasions without affecting the aesthetics of underwear.Correctly penetrating a transparent shoulder strap needs to wear the chain to the chest, and then pass through the lower end of the transparent arm.

3. Use buttons and loose bands to adjust underwear

Many underwear are equipped with buttons and pine tightness to ensure the adaptability of underwear.The buttons and loose bands need to be more suitable for adjustment, do not buckle too tightly or too loose.When exercising or stretching laziness, underwear will not change the original shape due to improper adjustment.

4. Do not use stockings tightly

When using stockings, don’t choose too tight models.This will cause damage to the body and can easily cause damage to stockings.You should choose a comfortable and personal stockings.

5. Find the correct position to wear stockings

Wearing stockings on underwear may be very challenging, but if you find the right position, it will become easier.The best place to wear stockings is where the hips are higher, so that it can make it more natural and comfortable in the body.

6. Confirm whether the stockings are raised

Stockings are usually phenomenon after wearing it for a period of time, which will cause the stockings to lose stability.If the front edge is too powerful, it is recommended to replace stockings or buy stockings with corrected edges.


7. Hide underwear belt

It is also important to hide underwear bands on the occasion that needs to wear off -shoulder dresses or T -shirts.Many women hide their underwear bands by wearing necklaces, scarves or bracelets surrounded by different colors, so that they look more beautiful.

8. Make sure the stockings are installed correctly

The process of wearing underwear is often not easy, but if the stockings are installed correctly, you will feel more comfortable and confident.Putting stockings correctly to put into the meat after the clip. When the clip is on your hips, adjust whether it is too tight or too loose to make the tightening of the stockings moderate.


The correct way of dressing not only makes you feel happy and comfortable, but also helps you to avoid physical injury and better show sexy.In the process of dressing, be careful to maintain the sensitivity to the body, prevent the inappropriate choice from ultimately leading to physical damage, and better enjoy the beautiful life brought by underwear fashion.