How to say in sex underwear

How to say in sex underwear

How to say in sex underwear

Putting on sex underwear will make every woman more beautiful and sexy.However, when wearing sexy underwear, speaking is a bit different.How to speak when wearing sexy underwear?Let’s take a look at some tips.

1. Confidence and relaxation

When wearing sexy underwear, the most important thing is self -confidence and relaxation.This clothing can show the beautiful body lines of women, but if you are not confident, your body language will appear stiff.So relax yourself before speaking, and make sure your posture and expression are natural.

2. Talk with a soft voice

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When wearing a sexy underwear, speak with a soft voice.This is because sexy underwear can help women show their sexy and femininity.Talking with a gentle voice can highlight this temperament.

3. Keep a smile

When you are wearing a sexy lingerie, maintaining a bright smile can increase your attractiveness.Constant smile helps to alleviate the tension of others, and makes people feel that you are a confident and friendly person.

4. Don’t be monotonous

Although it is important to maintain a soft voice, we don’t want to be considered monotonous.Try to add some changes when speaking to avoid making your voice boring.

5. Use trembling

Robbing refers to speaking with a tremor.When wearing a sexy underwear, you can gently tremble your voice, which will add soft characteristics to your voice. This is a very attractive way to speak.

6. Don’t exaggerate excessive exaggeration

If you want to attract the attention of others, you don’t have to exaggerate.Not everyone is suitable for loud or obvious ways of speaking. It is best to find a way that suits you to express your desire and excitement.


7. Pay attention to the context

When wearing sexy underwear, pay attention to your speaking context.Although speaking is natural and soft, it is suitable for different situations and occasions.When you attract others’ attention, you need to increase your volume and way of speaking to attract the attention of others.But when you get along with your lover, you can adopt a more intimate and soft way of speaking.

8. Pay attention to the rhythm

When talking, pay attention to the rhythm.Forming a balanced rhythm can make your voice sound a sense of rhythm and even more wonderful.When wearing sexy underwear, if you can make your voice sound natural and smooth, and work with a soothing tone, this will be very effective in attracting others.

9. Waves -shaped tone

Wave -shaped tone refers to the sound of tone tones from high to low before low to low, forming a wave of waves.When wearing a sexy underwear, you can use wave -shaped tone to attract the attention of others.This way of speaking will make your voice more sexy and gentle.

10. Avoid bad habits

Some bad habits will reduce your speaking effect.For example, often say "um" or "ah", or use "ah" and "oh" words such as "ah" and "Oh".These tone words will make your voice sound unnatural, so try to avoid these bad habits.

In short, pay attention to how to speak when wearing sexy underwear.Correct understanding and use of language can not only make you feel confident, but also attract more attention from others.Therefore, we must use the above suggestions to make your sexy more perfect.