How to use the buttons of sexy underwear

Understand the type of buttons of love underwear

When using sex underwear, buttons are usually an important aspect we need to pay attention to.There are usually three types of buttons of sexy underwear: front buckle, back buckle and side buckle.The front buckle refers to the buttons on the chest, which is common in the chest and toy underwear; the back buckle refers to the buttons on the back. This button is common in the hanging neck underwear;Tights on the underwear.

How to wear an underwear before wearing

The front buckle underwear is relatively convenient. First of all, the way to wear: first put the two underwear cups on the chest, then buckle the two shoulder straps, and finally the button in front can be buckled.It should be noted that the tightening of the lingerie and the tightening of the shoulder strap needs to be suitable for your body, so as not to cause discomfort.

How to wear back buckle underwear

For the back buckle, because the buttons are located on the back, you need to put the underwear on your body first, and then cover the two lingerie cups on the chest, and slowly buckle the buttons on the back.Back buckle underwear can provide better support and comfort for the body because there is no restraint of the front buckle.

How to wear a side buckle underwear

The method of dressing on the side buckle underwear is basically the same as the front buckle, the difference is that the position of the buttons is different.We need to wear underwear and tie the two shoulder straps, and then buckle the buttons on the side guard. It should be noted that trying to adjust the buttons to the most appropriate position, so as to make the body more fully supported.

Note for button use

No matter what kind of buttons, you need to pay attention to the following points when using:

Try to buckle the buttons as much as possible to ensure that the body is better supported;

Avoid tightly tightening the buttons, which will cause discomfort to the body;

Every time you remove underwear, you should try to relax the button to avoid damage to the life of the underwear;

Pay attention to the material and design of the underwear. Some materials and design underwear may require special methods.

How to choose the appropriate buckle type

When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to choose the right type of button type according to your actual situation.If you want to wear it conveniently, the front buckle or side buckle underwear may be more suitable for you; if you need a more stable and comfortable support, you can choose back buckle underwear, but this underwear is relatively rare.

How to maintain the button correctly

Desment is a part that needs to be used frequently in sexy underwear, so we need to maintain reasonable maintenance.Here are a few ways to maintain buttons that can be referenced:

When storing the buttons sexy underwear, you need to let go of all the buttons;

Do not pull the erotic underwear hard, so as not to cause the buttons to loosen and rupture the problems;

It is best to use hand clothes in sex underwear, do not use machine washing mode;

If there is a problem with a button in use, it should be replaced in time.

Common button failures and solutions

During the use of sexy underwear, the buttons may fail.Here are common buttons and solutions:

Desment loose: Too many times, the buttons may loosen.

Desment card death: Most of this situation is because the two buttons are not completely aligned. As long as the right position is good, then press it hard;

Dunk falling off: When the buttons fall off, you need to retrieve it immediately. If you lose it completely, you can ask the manufacturer to ask for a new button.

Time to use

The buttons of sexy underwear are usually some parts we need to pay attention to during wearing, but what we need to notice is that the timing of the button of the buttons is also very important.When we are in love and flirting, the way to open the fun underwear button can also be used to stimulate the desire of the other party. At this time, it is important to choose a suitable sexy underwear.


Desment is part of the need to pay attention to in sexy underwear. Choosing a suitable button can make the body fully support. When using it, you also need to notice the reasonable method of dressing and the maintenance method of buttons.I hope this article can help everyone better understand the use and maintenance of love lingerie buttons.

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