It’s really annoying to get on Taobao sex underwear

It’s really annoying to get on Taobao sex underwear

The launch process of Taobao sex underwear may be a very tedious process for novices and unwanted sellers.However, if you understand this process and work hard to complete this process, it may become your source of income.Here are some steps and prompts to help you make this process easier.

Learn about the product carefully

Before Taobao’s sexy underwear is put on the shelves, you need to take photos for each product and introduce the product in detail.It is essential to better understand the details and characteristics of the product.You need to fully understand the products you sell and can explain their characteristics in detail in order to attract more customers.

Choose the appropriate category

Selling sexy underwear on Taobao needs to put the product into the appropriate category.If the category you choose is not suitable for your product, then your product will be difficult to find by customers.Therefore, be sure to choose the correct category, which will make it easier for you to be found.

Carefully edit the product

Edit product information is a step that cannot be ignored in the process of Taobao sex underwear.You need to write an excellent title and detailed introduction to each product.The title needs to be attractive and can distinguish your products from other competitors.At the same time, a detailed introduction allows your customers to understand the details of the product and avoid some misunderstandings.

Excellent photo

When Taobao sex underwear is put on the shelves, you need to take good photos.Too bright or too dim photos will leave a bad impression on customers, and good visual effects allow customers to better understand the product.This requires merchants to make the most perfect appearance display for customers before browsing products.

Additional Information

In the process of Taobao’s sexy underwear, adding some additional information can help customers understand the product.For example, customers may want to know information about washing instructions, return policies, and shipping speed.Therefore, it is necessary to add this information to the product information.

price adjustment

Price has a great impact on selling Taobao’s sexy underwear.Too high prices will cause customers to lose, and too low prices may affect the brand image of product quality.Therefore, when setting the price, you need to consider multiple factors, such as your cost, the price of competitors, and the market demand, thereby formulating a reasonable price.

Handle order

Selling sexy underwear on Taobao, merchants will inevitably need to process a large number of orders and logistics.The accuracy and timeliness of handling orders are important because any delay or error may adversely affect your reputation and customer satisfaction.Therefore, it is important to arrange enough time to choose, packaged and ship.

Reply to the customer in time

After Taobao’s sexy underwear is put on the shelves, you must always prepare to answer the customer’s question and solve the customer’s question.Fast response customers may make customers have a good impression on your shop and increase the probability of returning customers.At the same time, it can also help you increase customer satisfaction and increase the order rate.


Taobao sexy underwear may be a complex and tedious job, but if you can overcome all challenges and understand each step, this may be a sustainable source of income.Carefully familiarize with product characteristics, choose appropriate categories, optimize photos, add additional information, make excellent title and detailed introduction, and correctly handle orders and quickly reply to customer issues.Essence

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