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Introduce KW7142 sexy lingerie style

KW7142 is a sexy, sexy underwear style sexy underwear.This style includes a dress, a pair of gloves and a sock.It is composed of high -quality lace lace and transparent embroidery mesh, allowing you to feel the ultimate softness and comfort when wearing.The red design is very sexy, suitable for wearing on a romantic night, which makes your other half a stunning.

Style and accessories

KW7142 underwear contains dresses, a pair of gloves and a sock.The rich combination allows you to make different choices according to different occasions, such as wearing only dresses and gloves, or only dresses and socks.All accessories use the same fancy pupae of the same net socks, which complement each other, which greatly improves the overall dressing effect.

Suitable occasion

KW7142 sexy underwear is very suitable for those who want to add interest in a romantic atmosphere.For example, it is very suitable for wearing in family and dating, making you more sexy and more attractive.In addition, KW7142 is also suitable for wearing in sexy celebrations, such as Halloween Party, Valentine’s Day and other festive celebrations.

size selection

KW7142 sexy underwear is medium, the size is suitable, and it has some adjustable decorations to make it adapt to more physical forms.You only need to take the size according to your height, weight, bust and hip.

Material and texture

KW7142 sexy underwear uses high -quality lace lace and transparent embroidery mesh, which is very soft, light and comfortable.In addition, it has been carefully designed and processed in terms of knitted and handmade sewing, so that it has extremely high quality.


KW7142 sexy underwear needs to be washed or used by warm water, and it cannot be washed or dried.It is best to dry or iron to avoid using too high temperature iron and too strong pressure.

How to wear

Put on KW7142 sexy underwear to slide the dress from your feet and put on gloves and socks at the same time.Then repair the lace to make your body look more beautiful.Pay attention to adjust the height of socks and skirts to avoid any uncoordinated places.

Different from his sexy underwear

Compared with his sexy underwear, KW7142 sex lingerie has higher requirements for quality and technology.Its design is very delicate. Every detail has been carved, which can enhance your sexy and attractiveness, and let you enjoy the joyful time on a romantic night.

Value assessment

Because of its high quality and complex craftsmanship, the price of KW7142 sexy underwear is more expensive, but the value it provides you is also very high.Compared with the price of his sexy underwear, the performance of KW7142 sex underwear is better. The excellent dressing effect allows you to fully show your sexy and charm.

in conclusion

KW7142 sexy underwear is a high -quality, sexy, elegant underwear, suitable for wearing on a romantic night.Through in -depth understanding of this sexy underwear, you can better understand its styles, accessories, materials and value assessment, which is very helpful for purchasing decisions.

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