Pure girlfriend hiding sexy underwear

1. Surprise discovery

You got along with your girlfriend for a while, and found that she was always dressed and refreshing, and never worn in sex underwear.However, one night, you turned out of her underwear drawer and was surprised to find that there were a few sexy sexy underwear inside.

2. Color matching

The color of sexy underwear is often brilliant and vivid, and the daily wear of pure girlfriends is generally more plain.Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to color matching to avoid being too obtrusive.

3. Material quality

The material of sexy underwear is often special, and the sexy effect is inseparable from high -quality fabrics.In order to avoid allergies or other discomfort, pay attention to materials and quality when choosing.

4. The size is appropriate

Interest underwear pays more attention to the personal effects of wearing compared to ordinary underwear.Dressing inappropriateness affects beauty and may bring discomfort.Therefore, it is important to ensure that the size is appropriate.

5. Dress occasion

The occasions of sexy underwear are generally dominated by private places in life, such as the independence between couples and family life.Pay attention to the occasion and environment when wearing to avoid embarrassing or uncomfortable.

6. Details

Detail processing can affect the entire dressing effect and comfort.Some erotic underwear may have less fabrics, and you need to pay attention to exposed positions and methods when wearing.Before wearing, the underwear should be flattened to ensure that the silhouette and aesthetics meet the requirements.

7. Matching shape

In addition to the underwear itself, it can also improve the overall effect with a good match.You can refer to some styles of styling, such as matching with other clothing, matching shoes and socks accessories, etc., to bring better visual impact.

8. Self -confidence show

The most important thing is that the sexy effect of underwear is closely related to the degree of self -confidence of the wearer.Whatever choice, the self -confident mentality and the temperament of the show are the magic weapons that can best set off the beauty of sexy underwear.

Since her girlfriend chooses to wear sexy underwear, she also tries to add different fun to the lives of both parties.Such an attempt itself is worthy of praise.At the same time on quality and wearing, focusing on the confidence display of matching and matching is the best way to learn and choose sexy underwear.

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