Quota underwear masturbation enjoyment video


In modern society, sexy underwear has become a necessity for most people, adding romance and interest to their lives.We can find that more and more people choose masturbation to meet their needs, and sexy underwear can bring more sexy and exciting.In this article, we will discuss how to bring more comfortable and pleasant masturbation experiences and share some videos of sexy underwear masturbation.

Choose the right sexy underwear

Choosing a suitable sexy underwear is very important, because unsuitable sexy underwear will affect the comfort of masturbation.When choosing a sexy underwear, you should choose according to your preferences and body types. Different types of sexy underwear will bring different degrees of sexy stimulation.For example, wearing sexy underwear such as dew, suspenders, low -cut, etc. can make the masturbation process more exciting and interesting.

Prepare props

Before sex underwear masturbation, we need to prepare some props, such as electricity and sex products, manual sex products, etc.These props will bring a more realistic sex experience, making your masturbation more satisfactory and exciting.

Create a relaxed environment

Before the masturbation of sex underwear, we need to create a relaxed environment to fully liberate ourselves.By adjusting lights, music, odor, etc., the environment makes the environment more comfortable and pleasant.

Water -based lubricant

The use of water -based lubricants can make the masturbation process smoother and comfortable, and it is not easy to cause tingling and discomfort.Because during masturbation, the lubricating fluid secreted by itself cannot meet the needs.Therefore, the use of water -based lubricants not only increases the fun of masturbation, but also safer and hygienic.

Know your body

Understanding your body is the key to masturbation of sexy underwear.Understand which parts you are more sensitive, which types of stimulation you like, etc., so that you can choose more suitable sexy underwear according to your needs to masturbate.

Try different postures

In the process of sexual masturbation in sex, we can try different postures to find the most comfortable and most exciting pose.In sexy underwear masturbation, we can lay a variety of postures such as lying, holding, open legs, and raising legs to find the most suitable posture for us and improve sexy stimuli.

Pay attention to cleanliness

After the masturbation of sexy underwear, clean up and maintain sexy underwear and props in time, keep them clean and hygienic, and prevent bacterial infection.At the same time, remember to clean your body and maintain health and hygiene.

Share sex underwear masturbation video

Before sharing sexy underwear masturbation videos, we need to clarify the following points: Do not infringe any harmful content such as any personal privacy, the copyright of protecting the video content, and not spreading the virus.We can share or search for some high -quality sexy underwear masturbation videos to learn more about sexy underwear and sexy.

in conclusion

Interest underwear masturbation is a safe, healthy and interesting way to masturbate.By choosing the right sexy underwear, props and environment, understanding our bodies, and constantly trying and innovating, we can enjoy a more comfortable and pleasant masturbation experience, bringing more sexy and exciting.

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