Roommate wearing sexy underwear

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It was a late night, and I was busy working in the room, and suddenly my roommate’s door opened.When she came out, she wore a set of sexy erotic underwear to make my eyes brighten.This article will introduce some attention points and suggestions when wearing sexy underwear.

1. Preparation before wearing

Before wearing sex underwear, you need to carefully check whether the size of the underwear is appropriate and wear correctly.In addition, pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness to ensure neat and clean underwear.You can choose to wear sexy underwear after taking a bath to avoid adverse effects on private parts.

2. Gently move

When wearing a sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the movement of the movement to avoid grasping or pulling too tightly.The material of sexy underwear is usually thin and needs to be treated carefully.Gently moves you easier to put on your favorite erotic underwear, and can also protect the quality of underwear.

3. Choose the right material

The material of sexy underwear is very important because it largely affects your comfort and feeling.Some common sexy lingerie materials include silk, cotton, transparent mesh, lace, etc.How to choose the material that suits you needs to choose according to your skin types and personality. For the choice of underwear texture and style, it is recommended to buy with friends to avoid buying the wrong size.

4. With the appropriate panties

Many erotic underwear will be paired with the corresponding underwear, so you need to choose a reasonable underwear with underwear.The design of some sexy underwear is very unique and may need to wear specific underwear. At this time, you need to give up your own consciousness and choose the underwear that is matched with the underwear to make your whole person look more coordinated and unified.

5. The effect after putting on underwear

After wearing underwear, you need to confirm the effect through a mirror.In this way, you can see your own shape and appearance, and you can also find potential problems, such as whether there are too tight parts or exposed nipples.Through the mirror, you can make yourself more confident and avoid embarrassing situations when going out.

6. The time of wearing underwear

It is best not to wear sexy underwear for a long time, especially some tight underwear.You need to give your body sufficient breathing space to avoid suffocation or stuck blood.When wearing underwear, you can arrange your time and adjust your underwear appropriately to protect your physical health.

7. Maintenance of underwear

The maintenance of the underwear is also important. Any erotic underwear needs to be washed after wearing it several times to avoid accumulating stains and sweat stains.It can be cleaned with warm water and laundry powder, but it is necessary to pay special attention to do not use hot water or bleach.When drying, it is recommended not to dry the underwear in the sun to prevent deformation or fading.

8. Matching underwear

When mating with sexy underwear, pay attention to the primary and second match to avoid too casual or visual uncoordinated.According to the style and color of the underwear, you need to choose the right top, lower dress, shoes, etc.You can refer to some sexual magazines or sexy underwear matching schemes to get inspiration.

9. The style choice of underwear

When choosing the style of sexy underwear, it is best to consider your body and personality characteristics.If you are a large breast or a fat body, you can choose some tolerance styles; if you are a small breast or a thin body, you can try some sexy underwear to make up for the shortcomings.In addition, choose the sexy lingerie style that suits you according to the occasion and personal interests.

10. Summary view

When wearing sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to some details and skills to achieve the best results.Such as choosing the right size and material, matching with panties, gently move the movement, etc.In the process of dressing, it is more important to find your own style and confidence, and proud and happy for it.

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