Salt and not waves of sexual shirt


Salt and Waves Intellectual Underwear is one of the brands that have received more and more attention in recent years.They offer various models of sexual emotional interest underwear, from simple bra to complex dresses, each style focuses on details and quality.In this article, we will deeply understand the brand and their products.

brand history

The Salt Bo Lang brand was founded in 2007 and is a company with design and production of sexy underwear as its main business.Their founders are two women with rich design and technical experience.Over the past ten years, the salt brand has become one of the leaders in this field.


The products of salt do not have unique characteristics.The first is the material. They use high -quality fabrics and accessories to make each underwear, which makes them not only beautiful and durable.Followed by design, each product has been carefully designed to integrate fashion and sexy elements.Finally, comfort, the salt and non -wave brand insist on making both underwear comfort and aesthetics.


The salt does not provide various bras, including flat breasts, ideals, full cups, 3/4 cups, half cups, and so on.Each style has its own unique characteristics and fabrics. For example, the full cup provides comprehensive support, and 3/4 cups can show the upper part of the chest.

Dress style

The style of the salt Bangbang brand is very diverse.There are various styles, such as retro, sexy, elegant and so on.Whether it is daily wearing or playing in the evening, the salt Bangbang brand can provide a dress that suits you.


The satin style of the Salt Buy Brand is undoubtedly one of its highlights.These products have the characteristics of gloss, soft, and comfortable, and can also extend the life of the underwear.These styles can be used not only for sexy underwear, but also ordinary sleeping clothing.

Color selection

The color selection of the salt Bulang brand is very diverse.From pure white to dark black, from bright pink to dark red, their products can meet the needs of different people.You can choose the color that suits you according to your preference.

Size selection

Size is a problem that everyone must consider.The sizes provided by the salt Bitu brand are wider than other brands, ranging from AA cups to O cups, and also provide a size of a special body.When buying, you can choose through the size guide on their website.

Price positioning

Saltic lingerie is not much different from other brands in the market in terms of price. The average price is between 400-800 yuan, and there are also some high-end products.However, considering the high quality and design of the product, their prices are very reasonable.

Method of purchase

You can buy their products on the official website of the salt brand.At the same time, they also opened physical stores throughout the country.Whether you buy online or physical stores, you can enjoy high -quality products and high -quality services.

in conclusion

Salt and waves of sexy underwear are a brand focusing on design, production and sales of high -quality sexy lingerie.Their products have unique characteristics, diverse styles and colors, extensive size selection and reasonable prices.If you are looking for a high -quality sexy underwear, we strongly recommend you to try a product that does not have a salt brand.

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