Sending underwear to school express station

Sending underwear to school express station

The way to storage of sex underwear and other products

In the middle of college students, the needs of the tremendous changes in the traditional period. Due to the emergence of new online shopping and online payment methods, the purchase behavior becomes more convenient and comfortable.Now, people can easily buy sexy underwear online and send them to the school’s courier station to store.Compared to your own person to buy it in person, this is a more private way and a more convenient way.However, whether the practice of sending sex underwear to the school express station is still controversial.

Hidden hidden dangers of storage of sexy underwear

Some people may worry about the disclosure of affectionate underwear, especially when others know that the underwear has a school courier station.But this problem can be solved by selecting a courier company.Many courier companies provide privacy guarantee services, which allows customers to buy sexy underwear with peace of mind and hand over it to express delivery.

Choose the right courier company

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When choosing a courier company, you should choose those companies with good reputation and enough privacy.This can ensure that the sexy underwear will not leak during the storage period.If you don’t know which courier company you should choose, please check the privacy policies and confidential commitments on its website. Under normal circumstances, larger companies have clear policies to protect customers’ privacy.

How to protect personal privacy

Even if you choose a reputable courier company, the disclosure problem may still happen.In order to ensure the personal privacy to the greatest extent, it is recommended that you replace the name of the recipient. Do not write the name of the product on the package. Only write the name and address of the recipient.risks of.

Follow the package and picking method

After choosing a courier company, it is necessary to pay attention to the package and delivery method.For example, some courier companies will directly transfer the package to the front desk of the dormitory building or make them pick up, and it will also be easy to expose the information of your purchased items. If you need a more privacy plan, you can choose to deliver to the pick -up cabinet or pick -up cabinet orLet the courier brother send it directly to his own hands.

How to deal with the situation in case

If the sexy underwear you receive does not match the ordered item or the product itself has problems, you should contact the courier company or merchant to solve the problem in time.In this case, don’t take pictures online, which may cause your privacy to be further leaked.If you need to share, you should edit the photo editing the product name, manufacturer, and any other information about privacy.


In general, sexy underwear is more convenient and private through the school’s courier station.However, in the process, safety awareness must be improved, and the appropriate courier companies and methods of protecting personal privacy must be selected.In addition, if there are any problems, you should contact merchants and courier companies in time, and do not share privacy information online.

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Solution of sexy underwear identity

Although sexy underwear is a relatively private product, choosing proper regulation methods can improve its privacy.Whether you get your own home, courier cabinets or posts, or delivery staff, you can ensure your privacy.In addition, for confidentiality, it is recommended to replace the parcel logistics information and recipient information, and delete unnecessary photos or text to protect personal privacy and security.

How to think of college students’ online shopping needs

For college students, the choice of online shopping has become more and more common.In terms of sexy underwear, many people choose to regulate themselves at college student express stations, which is a very feasible way.In terms of convenience or privacy, this method has a good guarantee for sexy underwear, such as sexy underwear, especially considering fashion, trend, and practical needs.Therefore, we should provide college students with more and more secure and more comfortable online shopping services.