Severe locks of sexy containers

Severe locks of sexy containers

What kind of erotic lingerie is the chastity locking the sexy underwear?

Severe locking sexy underwear is a kind of sexy underwear that can be used for restraint, restraint, binding sexual desire, increased sexual stimulus and sexual experience.With its unique design and unique features, it has attracted the favor of many sexy underwear enthusiasts.Chastity locks of sexy underwear mainly include different types of styles such as pumpkin pants, chastity belts, frog jumping, frozen mung beans.

What is pumpkin pants

Pumpkin pants are a soft, comfortable, smooth and seamless underwear -type chastity unlocking, which are mainly used to restrain male genitals. In the appropriate environment, it can increase sexual stimulation and interesting experience.In addition, it can also wear daily clothing directly, which can be used at any time when needed.

How is the chastity belt used?

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The chastity belt is a sexy lock. For female users, it is a lock -type system fixed between the waist and thighs.For male users, it is a lock -type system fixed on the waist and the base of the penis.While ensuring the quality of sex, it can also achieve a kind of sexual identity and spiritual freedom.

What is a frog jumping

Frog jumping is a kind of sexy underwear that makes men unable to become a complete sexual intercourse.It is mainly used in sexual behavior in women’s lovers to prevent men from ejaculation in advance.At the same time, it also has a playfulness and use value, and can help users understand and control sexual life.

Who is suitable for frozen mung beans?

Frozen mung beans are mainly suitable for sex toys users with some experience. Its way of use involves the cultivation and stimulation of the entire body, and requires certain professional skills or experience.For novice users, this model is not recommended.

What are the materials for chanting locks in sexy underwear?

The material of chastity locks of sexy underwear includes locks, cotton and adhesive.In addition, some parts are made of artificial polymers, such as silicone, TPR, TPE, etc.These materials are usually non -allergic and non -toxic, and can be used with confidence.

What problems need to pay attention to when using sex underwear

Pay attention to the following issues with sexy underwear.First, the sexy underwear should be kept clean and dry to prevent bacteria from breeding.Second, sexy underwear should be used to protect the skin and improve the experience.Third, sexy underwear should be used with physical use to avoid excessive use and excessive restraint.


Maintenance of sexy underwear

After the sexy underwear is used, it should be cleaned and disinfected in time.If you can wash sexy underwear that can be washed, you can use neutral detergent or special cleaning agent.Do not use too hot water and powerful detergent to avoid damage to the texture.If the chastity that cannot be washed to locks a fun underwear, you need to use a special cleaner for cleaning and disinfection.

Precautions for the purchase of sexy underwear

Pay attention to the following points for the purchase of sexy underwear.First, choose styles and shapes that conform to personal interests, experiences and styles.Second, choose sexy underwear with softness, comfort, no irritation and durability.Third, choose a sexy underwear with excellent craftsmanship, fine materials, and locking strong.

The effect of chastity locks of sexy underwear

Sex lock -locked sexy underwear is a kind of sexy underwear that plays a unique sexual function. It can effectively change the way and effects and effects of sexual experience and sex experience.Through it, it can enhance the emotional relationships and mutual understanding between husband and wife, and explore self and release spiritual pressure.

in conclusion

As a sexy underwear, virginity locks have its unique and specific functions and uses. We can choose the style and shape that suits you according to our preferences and experience needs.But in use, we should also pay attention to keeping, drying and maintenance to improve the effects and economic benefits.