Sex lingerie plus ultra -high heels

Sex lingerie plus ultra -high heels

In fashion, sexy underwear and ultra -high heels are always one of the most popular combinations.Such a dress is unattended in both sexy, self -confidence, or the aura.If you plan to try this kind of match, please read the recommendations and suggestions below.

1. Choose the right sexy lingerie style

Different people have different bodies and preferences, so it is important to choose a sexy lingerie style that suits them.You can try the full cup, half cup or two -thirds cups, as well as corset or bras.Black, red, white, purple, pink and beige are often used as basic colors. It can be used with metal jewelry and satin edges to reflect a sense of high -level and charming.

2. Selected sexy underwear material

It is also important to choose high -quality materials.Lace, tulle, silk and down materials are very suitable for sexy underwear.You can choose light and transparent gauze, or artificial hemp, reflect the natural and soft beauty.For those who love leather products, you can try soft, good -textured leather underwear.

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3. Choose high heels that conform to the style of sexy lingerie

High -heeled shoes are also a very important point. Pay attention to the unity of sexy underwear style and high heel style.For example, when sexy underwear is a sweet style such as lace style, you can choose a bass -high -heeled shoes on the leather surface to neutralize it.When choosing a sexy underwear as a dark metal texture, you can choose the sharp and eye -catching cat heels.Based on and so on, style matching unity is the key.

4. Choice of high heels height

If you have decided to match sexy underwear+high heels, then height is another problem.5 to 7 cm high heels are suitable for novice attempts, while high heels greater than 10 cm are challenging options, only suitable for experienced women.It is recommended to start with a 5 or 6 cm style and gradually increase the height.At the same time, pay attention to the style of the heel, the thick heels and the fine heels are beneficial and disadvantages.

5. Pay attention to the comfort of high heels

In order to dress comfortably, it is important to choose high -heeled shoes with good quality.You can also be equipped with a cushion or massage pad to reduce pain and discomfort.Of course, practicing wearing high heels is also necessary, so that you can walk more naturally.Otherwise, high heels will only add embarrassment to the wearers.

6. With the corresponding accessories

Accessories are also important accessories for sexy underwear and high heels.Belt, necklace, earrings, bracelets, etc., as well as retro -style handbags and shoulder bags, etc., can be added.

7. Choose the right sweater and coat


A top suitable for weather conditions is also essential.The simpler sexy underwear can be matched with sweaters and short jackets, which reflects cuteness in sexy.The complex erotic underwear is suitable for designing simple trench coats and locomotive jackets.

8. Pay attention to hairstyle and makeup

When sexy underwear+high heels, the hairstyle and makeup cannot be ignored.Clean and tidy twist braids or messy hairstyles can be matched to turn a makeup and deepen the degree of eye -catching.

In short, sexy underwear and high heels are the best combination, and you need to consider and design carefully.Only by choosing the right sexy underwear, high -heeled shoes suitable for body and taste, and suitable clothes and hairstyle makeup, can it truly achieve the effect.Go out and try it!