Sex underwear related novels

Sex underwear related novels

1 Introduction

Interest underwear is a special underwear. It is not only to keep warm or dreamy visual effects, but also has rich cultural connotations.Interest underwear types include beauty lingerie, sexy sexy lingerie, adult sex lingerie, European and American sexy underwear, and so on.These types often show a very strong sexy atmosphere in novels, movies and art works.This article will explore interesting underwear -related novels, welcome to read.

2. "Wife’s Farewell Letter"

This is a well -known Japanese novel that describes the wife of a major manufacturer of the protagonist and chose to commit suicide because of psychological obstacles.The plot of the novel is very tortuous, which fully shows her wife’s inner struggle. One of the details is that she once bought a red and black silk sex underwear in a sexy underwear shop to attract her husband’s attention.This sexy underwear has become the last relic of his wife and the main axis of the emotional drama of the novel.

3. "Rouge Buckle"

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"Rouge Buckle" is an ancient Chinese novel that tells a complex emotional entanglement between husband and wife.In the novel, a treasure that is known as the "rouge buckle" is the beloved thing of the heroine and the main line of the emotional story of the male and female protagonists.The actor presented the heroine a beautiful sexy underwear, one of the brooch was "rouge buckle".This detail not only shows the careful care of the heroine’s heroine, but also adds the romantic composition of emotional drama.

4. "Finger God Gong"

"Fingers God" is a novel of Gu Long, a well -known Hong Kong writer Gu Long.In the novel, a beautiful female killer appeared. She held a hidden weapon and played with black sexy underwear, which left a deep impression on people.This image was continued to be discovered in many film and television works. For example, in the movie "Fantastic Chinese", the actor played by Liang Chaowei dreamed of a mysterious woman wearing black and sexy underwear, showing the sexy charm of sexy underwear.

5. "Green Wild Fairy"

The witch’s desire in the story distorted her conscience.She advised the heroine to drink plenty of water, because she knew that the move would force the heroine to go to the toilet frequently and eventually washed her off.However, the little girl wore a pair of red shoes cleverly, which was not easy to be controlled by the witch. She successfully murdered the New Elephant King, and the witch died because of this, showing the mystery and weird side of the sexy lingerie.

6. "Swimming"

"Fantastic Swimming" is a plot about the Japanese style swimming competition.In order to win the game, the heroine chose a tight sex underwear as a game clothing to highlight her body advantage.This detail may be a bit incredible in China, but it represents a awakening of a female consciousness, that is, the role of sexy underwear no longer exists for the eye.

7. "Sabbing Standard"

"Standards for Slicate Selection" is a relaxed and interesting romance novel. With the theme of "choosing a spouse", it describes the whimsical sky of a woman.In the novel, the heroine hopes that with the help of sexy underwear, she successfully seduces a ideal boyfriend.In a sexy underwear shop, she tried to penetrate various styles of sexy underwear, and finally chose a black lace lace underwear, which became her seductive magic weapon.

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8. "The Legend of the Sword of the Sword"

Xianjian Qi Xia Zhuan is a Chinese classic role -playing game.In the game, the female character’s clothing is very exquisite, and there are some erotic underwear.The introduction of this element adds a mysterious temptation to the game and has also become one of the symbols of the game character.

9. Conclusion

The sexy underwear in the novel, as an image element in literary creation, often plays a very important role.It not only represents the confidence and sexy that women want to express, but also reflect the demands of people in emotional life and their inner state.The appearance of these sexy underwear makes the plot of the novel more attractive and dramatic, and also shows the unique charm of special underwear such as sexy underwear.