Sex underwear structure diagram

Sex underwear structure diagram


As a unique and exquisite fashion accessory, sexy underwear has been loved by many women and men.Not only can it enhance self -confidence, but also to mobilize interest; however, its structure still has a certain sense of mystery for everyone.In this article, we will lead you to the design structure of the affection and explain the role of each part.

The structure of the top part

The top part is one of the main components of sexy underwear, which includes the design of the head, chest and back.Heads are usually a vest -like design, usually with women’s easy -to -recognize Hubao and milk pads.Lushubao is usually divided into two types: shoulder -free straps and shoulder straps. The shoulder strap underwear needs to be designed with a parabola on the breast to make the breasts look more beautiful.Underwear with shoulder straps needs to be implemented with shoulder, and the position of the shoulder strap should be suitable for your shoulder width.The role of milk pads is to provide a full form for your breasts, so that your top can maintain a positive and comfortable state anyway.

The structure of the lower body

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The lower body is similar to the upper body, which mainly includes the design of the crotch, legs and hips.The crotch is usually designed with a sexy triangle to make the hips more charming.The legs are designed with some lace, mesh, etc., making the leg more sexy.The design of the hip needs to be paid to a comfortable state and meets its own hip shape to avoid excessive restraint and pressure.

Selection of fabrics

The fabric has an important impact on the comfort and aesthetics of sexy underwear.Generally speaking, the fabrics of sexy underwear need to be soft, comfortable, and drooping, such as silk, lace and other fabrics.At the same time, considering the hygiene of the underwear, the breathability of the fabric also needs to pay special attention.

The importance of detail design

The design details of sexy underwear are very important. You can consider small details such as border, small bow, lace lace, etc., enhance the charm and beauty of sexy underwear, and make it more attractive.But at the same time, avoid excessive details, so as not to be too confused with clothing.

Underwear matching

The matching of the underwear also needs to pay attention. Usually, the sexy underwear needs to be matched with the paired underwear. When paired with pants or skirts, it is also necessary to consider the darker and light distinction of the underwear. It needs to be combined with clothing.

Falling underwear maintenance

After using sex underwear, it is necessary to maintain proper maintenance.First of all, you need to clean it. Usually, the method of cleaning the underwear is like other underwear. Wash with the faucet to avoid stirring and drying the dryer with a washing machine.Secondly, it needs to be categorized to avoid mixing. It also needs to pay special attention to the beautiful details of the underwear, such as do not tailor it, or stretch it.

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Falling underwear wearing experience

The dressing experience of sexy underwear is different for everyone.Generally speaking, sexy underwear needs to interact with a variety of elements such as comfortable, suitable, lightweight, and beautiful, so that people can enjoy the happiness and advantages of wearing, while avoiding discomfort.

How to improve sexy underwear self -confidence

When wearing sexy underwear, you need to adhere to your own unique aesthetics and taste to reflect your personal style.When choosing underwear, you can choose a sexy underwear that is appropriate and can improve your confidence according to your body and taste, and rely on them to show your sexy and charm.


After understanding the design structure of sexy underwear and the role of various parts of the components, we have more deeply realized that the irreplaceable role of sexy underwear in improving women’s charm and enhancing personal self -confidence.Of course, these are just the beginning for those who love beauty!Come and start trying to use sexy underwear to make your life more exciting!