Sexual underwear beaded tutorial complete works video

Sexual underwear beaded tutorial complete works video

Sexual underwear beaded tutorial complete works video

There are many styles of erotic underwear, and for girls who like DIY, it is also an interesting thing to make a unique sexy underwear by themselves.In many DIY sexy lingerie production tutorials, the complete works video of the "Fun Underwear Bead Tutorial" is undoubtedly a kind of much attention. Let ’s take a look at the precautions, materials preparation, steps, etc. in this complete video, and see.Can you make a different sexy underwear?


Before starting production, we must first prepare some materials.First of all, you need to prepare a basic version of sexy underwear, followed by beads and lines of different colors.In addition, there are also some beading tools, such as pliers, scissors, stalk, positioner, and so on.Of course, we also need to order beads and lines of different types and colors according to our own needs.


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After preparing the materials, we need to pay attention to the following matters during the production process.First of all, be sure to watch the complete works of the video carefully and thoroughly understand each link in the video.Secondly, you need to carefully calculate the number of beads and the length of the line, and prepare sufficient materials as needed.The most important point is that we need to be very patient and careful to string each bead carefully. Even if a deviation will affect the beauty of the entire underwear.

Production step

After understanding the precautions, we finally started making.First of all, you need to make some marks at the skeleton of the sexy underwear, so that we will string the beads in the later period.Next, we classify the beads and put the beads of different colors into different small boxes, so as to avoid confusion.Then, by calculating the number of beads and the length of the line, we pass the first beads in the need.Then, the bead is tightly fastened by pliers.In the end, we slowly passed this line through the beads in the next position, repeated until the end, and then tied the line on the underwear to complete the beads.

Local effect

After the production is completed, we need to spend some time to appreciate our results.Put the made fun underwear on the doll or yourself, take pictures on all angles, and observe the local effects.If any problems occur, adjust or correct in time.


After the appreciation is completed, we can try to improve or innovate the original style, which is a very interesting process.For example, change the original straight beads to curve or wave wire, or add lace, ribbon and other attached objects to some locations.


Finally, we need to pay attention to maintenance of our sexy underwear.After wearing, we need to clean it up neatly and keep it properly.In terms of washing, we need to wash with warm water and avoid excessive washing beads, otherwise it will affect the color and brightness of the bead itself.

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in conclusion

Through this "Fun Underwear Bead Tutorial" complete episode video, we can clearly see each step and precautions, which is very practical for DIY enthusiasts.However, if you want to make a perfect erotic underwear, you also need to be careful, patience and careful, so that you can get more fun in the production process.