Sexy lingerie female micro -fat beauty video

Sexy lingerie female micro -fat beauty video

How to choose a suitable sexy underwear for fat girls

When buying sexy underwear, some girls are worried because of their own body, feel that they are obese, and don’t look good -looking sexy underwear. This kind of worry is very common.However, as long as you choose the right sexy underwear, you can completely avoid such troubles.This article will introduce how to choose suitable sexy underwear.

The right size and model are important for micro -fat girls

Choosing the right size and model is the key.If you know the size in -depth, you can be easier when choosing a sex underwear.Asian women are often small, and European women are large, so the size of sexy underwear is not universal worldwide.When you are elected to buy sexy underwear, you should prevail your body size.

Style choice is also important

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In addition to the size and model, the style is also very important.Women with fat body are not suitable for wearing tight sexy underwear. You can choose a loose style with modified effects to improve self -confidence.Choosing color and material is also important.Dark style or more loose sexy underwear on the edge of lace is a good choice.

Time should not be too long

Wearing a sexy underwear for a long time will make the body more likely to have problems, especially for fat girls.Wearing underwear every day should not exceed 8 hours, and the back of the back will be oppressed for too long, causing problems such as shoulder and neck, back pain.

Choose breathable sexy underwear

The breathable erotic underwear can keep the skin healthy in the state of breathing. In order to ensure your health, you should choose a good -breathable style when choosing a sexy underwear.If the sexy underwear happens to be one of the underwear wearing girls daily, then the material and breathability are even more considered.

The best choice of natural fabrics for underwear materials

For girls who love beauty, natural fabric feels very good and healthier, so it is also called relatively good when choosing.Choose high -quality natural materials sexy underwear, which can better comfort the skin and protect the skin, such as breathable deodorization, hygroscopic sweating and other effects.

Avoid too tight sexy underwear

It is not recommended to choose too tight sexy underwear, because tight underwear will strengthen the storage of fat, affect the blood circulation of the human body, and make the skin orange -like.Therefore, girls carefully choose the underwear material when buying, and do not choose to be too tight sexy underwear.


Choose underwear with shaping effect

Some sexy underwear has the function of abdomen and hip lifting.This kind of sexy underwear can create good waist lines, make the thigh lines more slender, and make the body lines more beautiful.Therefore, it is also a good choice to buy erotic underwear to have a small contribution to the figure.

A reasonable price can make it more comfortable to wear

Unlike other underwear brands, the specialness of the nature of the sexy underwear also brings huge differences.Only when choosing a reasonable price of sexy underwear can we wear more comfortable and not cause physical problems.If you choose too cheap erotic underwear, the material and quality may be defective, and it will also have a certain impact on your health after use.

Get professional advice and guidance

If you still cannot choose a suitable sexy underwear, you can consult the advice and guidance of professionals.Professionals can make appropriate suggestions based on their personal shape and interesting underwear brands to ensure the physical and mental health of women.

in conclusion

In general, it is very important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.Fat girls can also wear beautiful erotic underwear. By choosing the appropriate material, style and size, they can also fully show their body advantages.At the same time, choosing the right erotic underwear will not only make the girls feel confident and comfortable, but also help protect their health.