Sexy pajamas Inner Clothing Inner Fork

Sexy pajamas Inner Clothing Inner Fork


Sexy pajamas, also known as sexy underwear, is a special dress. It is mainly designed to stimulate sexual desire.This underwear is usually soft, breathable, silk and other materials, which are very comfortable and expose the skin of the body.

Types and styles

There are various types of sexy pajamas, from gloves to socks, corsets to jumpsuits, until more extreme chastity belts and all -inclusive bondage pants.Each pajamas style has its own unique characteristics.Some more similar clothes, while others are more special. You can get more pleasure and stimulation through the change texture, curves and underwear styles.


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The fabric of sexy pajamas is usually very important because it is very important for comfort and sexy.Some common materials include: ivory, velvet, lace and mesh.The smell of silk, lace and ivory mesh structure can well display the beautiful figure of women.


Positive colors, such as red and black, are usually considered sexy colors.Other colors, such as pink and light blue, can also create charm in different circumstances.

Cut off

The cutting of sexy pajamas has a great impact on sexuality.The tight cutting can highlight the curve of women, but some specific underwear styles, such as thongs, require users to consider it carefully.

Function and design

The design of sexy pajamas plays a key role in sex games.Many sexy pajamas are specially contained in zipper and engraving. They can be customized according to customer needs, and others are designed in different aspects.

Size and comfort

Like ordinary underwear, sexy underwear needs to choose the size that suits you best.Tighter or loose underwear will make you feel uncomfortable.Because sexy underwear and conventional underwear are the same, although they look more fragile, their performance and comfort are still the same.



Sexy pajamas are mainly used to increase freshness and stimulation in sex.However, with sexy pajamas to attract the attention of the crowd on other occasions, such as the dance and various theme parties.


The price of sexy underwear is relatively high, because they are hand -made, high -quality materials, small production quantity, and so on.High -priced brands can provide better fabrics and more details, and each brand has its own unique style.

in conclusion

Sexy pajamas are a very special dress that is suitable for creating more freshness and excitement in sex.By choosing the appropriate style and fabric, you can make yourself feel more confident and sexy.At the same time, it can also guide women’s high quality and beauty and confidence on various occasions.