Sexy underwear 170

Sexy underwear 170

What is sexy underwear 170

Sexy underwear 170 refers to sex underwear with a size of 170, which is suitable for women at about 170cm tall.Compared with the average underwear size, sexy underwear 170 is more in line with the characteristics of Asian women, more slimming effects, comfortable and sexy to wear.

Sexy underwear 170 style

The style of sexy underwear 170 mainly includes lace three -point, hollow conjoined body, tulle perspective, and sex pajamas.A variety of styles to choose from, each woman can find a style that suits them, showing a confident and charming figure.

The relationship between sexy underwear 170 and sexy

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Sexy underwear 170 is not necessarily more sexy than other sizes of underwear, but because it fits the body curve of Asian women more, it is more sexy to wear and can better show the charm of women.In addition, sexy underwear 170 pays more attention to detail design, such as the addition of elements such as lace, silk, lace, etc., making underwear more elegant and charming.

Falling underwear 170 material

The material of the 170 sexy underwear is mainly lace, silk, and gauze. These materials are soft, skin -friendly, and breathable, and they are more comfortable to wear.And the texture of these materials is relatively light, rich, and has a good breathability and comfort, which can make women feel confident and comfortable.

The color of sexy underwear 170

The color of sexy underwear 170 is relatively rich. In addition to the classic black and white and red, there are also pink, purple, blue, yellow and other colors to choose from.The matching of various colors can meet the needs and preferences of different women, make women’s sexy more diverse and three -dimensional sense.

The matching of sexy underwear 170

The combination of sexy underwear 170 also needs to be paid attention to. Of course, the matching top and pants do not have to be sexy underwear, but pay attention to the color matching of color to create a combination of different styles, which can highlight the beauty and personal style of women.

Fairy underwear 170 maintenance

The exquisite material of sexy underwear 170 needs to be carried out with heart. It is best to avoid machine washing or strong rubbing. It should be washed with warm water or is basically placed in 10-15 minutes to slowly rinse.If necessary, gently squeeze along the direction of the fabric. Finally, it should be placed in a cool place to dry naturally to avoid exposure and dryer.

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The main point of buying a sex underwear 170

When buying sex underwear 170, pay attention to the choice of size. You should choose the appropriate size according to many factors such as your height, bust, waist circumference.At the same time, in all aspects of selection of materials, styles, colors, etc., you must also choose according to your own needs to achieve a more comfortable and satisfactory dressing experience.

Falling underwear 170 wear effect

Wearing sexy underwear 170 can make women more confident and sexy, can highlight the figure, and make women more naturally show their charm and courage.Wearing erotic underwear 170 can also improve sexual interests and interests, and make the relationship between sex more harmonious and beautiful.


Sexy underwear 170 is the embodiment of women’s sexy and self -confidence, and it is an essential part of female wardrobes.Wearing a sexy underwear 170, make yourself more beautiful, release your sexy charm, show self -confidence and personality. I hope that every woman can find the favorite of you in the positive feelings of wearing.