Sexy underwear beauty series novels

Sexy underwear beauty series novels

Sexy underwear beauty series novels

1. Sexy breasts

She teased him, wearing a sexy red sexy underwear, showing a charming breasts.The two plump meatballs are high, and a round and straight breast shape shows its beauty.At this time, her man couldn’t bear it, and the deep psychological reaction aroused by such a visual impact. He was lingering with her and enjoying the entanglement of her waist, as if to melt her body completely in the body inTogether.

2. Charming hip type

She was wearing a tight green silk panties to show her perfect hip lines. She twisted her hips gently and made his eyes unable to move away.In his eyes, her body seemed to be composed of angular lines, highlighting the radian of each part, making his heart eager to hug her, kiss her, and conquer her.

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3. Elegant back

She wore a set of purple erotic underwear, elegant back, fixed posture and French cutting, exuding a charming atmosphere, gentle and elegant.She seduced him with her eyes, teased him with her body, and immersed him in this scene full of sexy and throbbing, and enjoyed this pleasure.

4. Little fresh

She was wearing a set of sexy lingerie, fresh and refined, and the melody song sounded from her heart, beautiful and beautiful.She smiled softly and showed her charm. She was a girl with innocence and gentleness.At this time, he found that at that moment, her gentle and quiet smile had been deeply carved in her heart, which became an indelible memory in his life.

5. Sexy catwoman

She wore a set of sexy catwoman’s sexy underwear, the tall, slender beautiful legs, curve outlined figure, and her charming eyes made him want to stop.It was a sense of dangerous and charming. He was intoxicated in this feeling and completely forgot where he was.

6. Pure little girl

She wore a pink erotic underwear, petite and pure temperament, as if she was another person.She came over, approached him, moved gently, and slowly faded her clothes, revealing her smooth skin.With an ignorant look, she exudes a fresh atmosphere, and slowly approaches him. There is your posture in the dream. It can’t be said that she looks like her.The beautiful feeling.

7. Mysterious Wulin

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She wore a black erotic underwear, giving a mysterious and strong feeling. She held a fine steel sword with fine workmanship and danced to show the style of martial arts masters.The beautiful figure and steel -like will give people a mighty and gentle shock, which made him intoxicated and deeply fell in love with her.

8. Hot temptation

She wore a hot red sex underwear and looked at him, as if it would make people burn the whole body.The passion and temptation eyes deeply fascinated him, making him unable to extricate himself.Her body curve was steep, like a mountain and mountains, lowering her head up and down, making his eyes involuntarily attracted.

9. Wild color

She was wearing a black sexy underwear and her hips, disappearing bit by bit in the crowd, as not as eye -catching like a night, giving people a feeling of surprise.Her temperament is wild and full of temptation.His heart was immediately immersed in the kind of wild and sensory world, and was completely captured by her beauty and sexy.

10. Elegant goddess

She is wearing an elegant erotic underwear, her slim figure and perfect function, giving people a sense of beauty and elegance.Her elegant and noble gesture, elegant long hair, and shining black heart -shaped light perfectly inspired his passion.He was quietly drunk on her, enjoying her tenderness, and kissed involuntarily.

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