Sexy underwear butterfly tube top picture videos

Sexy underwear butterfly tube top picture videos

1. What is sexy underwear butterfly tube top?

Fun underwear butterfly tube top is a sexy underwear. The design elements they use are butterflies and tube tops.Butterflies are creatures that symbolize the meaning of beauty, freedom, and agility. The tube top refers to the underwear style that can cover the chest without using the shoulder strap.Butterfly tube top is a sexy underwear that combines these two elements.

2. Classification of butterfly tube tops

Fun underwear butterfly tube top can be divided into many different styles, such as straps, rivet decoration, perspective, deep V -neckline, and so on.Among them, the most common is strap style to better adjust the size of the underwear and make it more fit the body.

3. How to wear a butterfly tube top

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Butterfly tube top method is very simple.First of all, open the underwear parts, then put it vertically on the chest, and at the same time, the tube top is pointed at the chest.Then, the strap is bypassed the back and hit a knot.Finally, you can get the two "butterflies" part of the chest.

4. Applicable crowd of butterfly tube top

Fun underwear butterfly tube top is suitable for women who want to try sexy underwear.It can make the body curve more beautiful, make women more confident without losing control.

5. The material of the butterfly tube top

The material of sexy underwear butterflies is very diverse, including silk, lace, cotton, and so on.Among them, silk and lace are the most common materials because they have the advantages of gloss, softness, durability.

6. Suggestions for the combination of butterfly tube tops

Interesting underwear butterflies need to pay attention when matching, it is best not to match clothes with too deep V, otherwise underwear will be exposed.It is best to match the clothes with high collar or collar, and the effect will be better.

7. Seating method of sexy underwear butterfly tube top

Butterfly tube top washing method is similar to ordinary underwear.First, turn the underwear, wash it gently with soapy water, and then rinse it with water.Finally, roll up the underwear with a towel to squeeze the water gently and dry it.


8. The price of butterfly tube top

The price of sexy underwear butterflies varies from factors such as brands and materials.Generally speaking, the relatively ordinary styles are around 2030 yuan, while some brand’s sexy underwear butterfly tube top can be as high as hundreds of yuan or even higher.

9. The color selection of the butterfly tube top

The colors of sexy underwear butterflies are also diverse, and they can be selected according to personal preferences.Generally speaking, black and white are the most classic, while red is the most sexy and popular.

10. Viewpoint: How to choose a butterfly tube top that suits you

Finally, I think that when choosing a sexy underwear butterfly tube top, you need to pay attention.First, choose styles and colors according to your figure and preferences.Second, choose good quality and comfortable underwear.Finally, you can buy some low -priced styles as an attempt to add some freshness to your underworld.