Sexy underwear chest model

Sexy underwear chest model

Sexy underwear chest model

Interest underwear is a sexy clothing that can add fun and romantic atmosphere.And sexy underwear chest model is the most important part of this sexy clothing.This article will introduce you to the relevant knowledge of sexy underwear and how to choose the correct choice.

Chest mold type

First of all, the types of sexy underwear chest models are diverse.In the market, common chest molds are divided into three types: 3/4 cups, 1/2 cups, and full cups.Among them, 3/4 cups can well modify the curve of cleavage and breasts, and 1/2 cups can highlight the nipples and liberate the breasts, and the whole cup can fully wrap the breasts and provide better support.

Fabric selection

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When choosing sexy underwear chest molds, the choice of fabrics is also very important.Some advanced underwear brands usually use natural fabrics, such as silk, lace, cotton, etc.At the same time, some new materials, such as elastic fibers, nylon, etc. can also wrap the breasts well, shaping the sexy curve.

suitable size

It is important to choose the size that suits you.Different brands of underwear size standards are different. It is recommended to carefully check the size table before trying it on.Incorrect underwear size is inaccurate, and it is easy to cause discomfort or even harm.

Cooperate with a shirt

When choosing a sexy underwear, you also need to consider whether to match the top.The color, style, material, etc. of the underwear need to be coordinated with the coat to create a perfect sexy effect.

Method of wear

When wearing a sexy underwear, the correct method of dressing is also very important.First, you need to adjust the length of the shoulder straps to fully wrap the breast.The shoulder strap is too long or too short, which will cause discomfort and relaxation.At the same time, adjust the hook buckle position to ensure the appropriate fixation.

cleaning method

After wearing a sexy lingerie, the correct washing method is also very important.It is best to choose a special washing solution to avoid the use of bleach and soft agent.At the same time, low temperature or cold water should be used during washing, and squeezed gently to avoid wear and deformation.

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Storage method

In addition, when storing sex underwear, you also need to master the correct method.It is not advisable to put it, it is best to use the way to avoid deformation and damage.

Choose a brand

Finally, it is recommended to choose a well -known brand to buy sexy underwear chest models, and its quality and comfort are guaranteed.Some of the low -priced sexy underwear chest models on the market are often poor in quality. Not only are it easy to wear and deform, but it may also stimulate the skin.


Based on the above, the appropriate sexy underwear chest model should be considered in multiple aspects.Pay attention to fabrics, sizes, coats, wearing and washing methods. Only in this way can the sexy effect be achieved.And choose well -known brands to ensure quality and comfort.