Sexy underwear delivery packaging design scheme

Sexy underwear delivery packaging design scheme

Background introduction

More and more consumers have begun to pay attention to the purchase of sexy underwear, and the delivery and packaging design of sexy underwear has also become a prominent problem.Good delivery packaging can enhance the shopping experience, enhance customer retention and praise rates, and can also pass the brand image.

Design Principles

Shipping packaging design should follow the following principles:

1. Protect products, avoid wear or damage;

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2. Protect privacy and avoid disclosing customer privacy information;

3. With visual attractiveness and can impress the attention of customers;

4. Simple and clear, easy to operate;

5. Related brand image is representative for brands or products.

Design factor

The design elements of the delivery packaging include:

1. Packaging materials, such as paper boxes, rubber bags, etc.;

2. Tags, including courier orders, transport orders and other labels;

3. Fill, such as bubble bags, foam, etc.

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Sample display

In order to enhance the customer’s shopping experience and guide customers to understand the brand more, the sample can be added to the shipping packaging, so that customers can experience and feel the product in person.At the same time, samples can also increase brand exposure and promote sales growth.

privacy protection

The delivery of sexy underwear needs to be taken into account the privacy protection of customers. You can use opaque materials or add obscuration in the packaging to avoid disclosure of personal information.

Print design

The printing design on the delivery packaging should be consistent with the brand image. At the same time, pay attention to the combination of fonts, fonts and colors to enhance the visual effect.Brand logos, informs, explanations, thanks, etc. also need to be appropriately added to improve the brand impression.

Filling material selection

The selection of filling should be carried out according to the size and shape of the packaging to protect the intactness of the sexy underwear.Commonly used fillings include bubble bags, foam, etc., which can be used according to the needs.

Paper box design

Paper box is a more commonly used delivery material. You can choose a variety of materials, colors and styles.Pay attention to the matching of the size of the carton and the sexy underwear to avoid being too small or too large. At the same time, the quality and strongness of the carton are also taken into account.

Express label design

Express label is an essential part of the express package. It should be uniformly format and use the company’s fixed format label.At the same time, you can consider adding brand logos to enhance brand exposure.

Selection of transportation methods

According to the material and design of sexy underwear, choose suitable transportation methods, such as airplanes, land transportation, etc. to ensure that sexy underwear can safely reach customers.


The delivery design of sexy underwear has an important impact on the brand image and customer experience.The designed delivery packaging can not only improve the customer’s shopping experience and praise rate, but also increase brand exposure and sales.Therefore, in the design, the principles of protecting products, protecting privacy, visual attractiveness, simplicity and related brands should be followed, and they should be selected and matched according to different factors to achieve scientific, practical and in line with the brand image.