Sexy underwear export packaging design drawings

Sexy underwear export packaging design drawings


We all know that good packaging design can greatly increase the value of the product.For special products such as sexy underwear, packaging design is a vital part.This article will share the topic of sexy underwear’s export packaging design drawings to share some experience in how to design high -quality sexy underwear packaging.

Interesting underwear packaging design principles

For sexy underwear packaging design, if you want to achieve excellent results, you must not ignore the following principles:

1. Cost up to the target audience, meet the target consumers’ aesthetic standards and psychological needs

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2. Highlight brand characteristics, so that consumers can directly identify product brands through packaging

3. The packaging material and structure should be appropriate to ensure that the packaging has good protection and preservation performance

4. The packaging design should be smooth, simple and intuitive, so that consumers can see the content of the packaging at a glance

Interesting underwear packaging material and structure

The choice of sexy underwear packaging materials should be taken into account two aspects: environmental protection and aesthetics, and the structure must have certain protection performance:

1. Material selection: You can choose materials such as acrylic, PET, PVC and other materials such as high transparency, high -resistant pressure, high cold and cold resistance, as well as environmentally friendly corrugated cardboard and other materials.

2. Structural design: You can consider using a zipper or card -hanging structure to facilitate consumer use and storage.

Sexy underwear packaging color and pattern

Color and pattern are one of the most important elements in packaging design, which can directly affect the sales of goods.For sexy underwear packaging design, you can consider from the following aspects:

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1. Color choice: You can choose red, black, purple and other colors, which are interesting and private. At the same time, the color matching is harmonious and not dazzling.

2. Pattern design: You can consider using sexy pattern elements, and with some small fresh elements, making the entire packaging design more modern and stylish.

Sexy underwear packaging text and logo

Text and logo are very necessary elements for sexy underwear packaging design.You can consider the design from the following two aspects:

1. Text typesetting and font selection: You can take some simple and clear phrases, such as "sexy, self -confidence, fashion", and use large or thick fonts to enhance readability.

2. Identity design: Brand logo is one of the most important elements in packaging design. You can use a strong logo design to enhance brand recognition.

Sex underwear packaging size and shape

The packaging size and shape are also very important for the sexy underwear packaging design.You can start with the following two aspects:

1. Size design: According to the size of different sample sexy lingerie, choose the appropriate packaging size so that the underwear can be completely displayed in the packaging, and the packaging volume is not too large.

2. Style design: The packaging shape can be considered as the human curve and other elements, so that the entire packaging is more fitted with the characteristics of the product, and the straight line shape of the rigidity should be avoided as much as possible.

Sexy underwear packaging details processing

The details of the packaging design can directly affect the overall effect and reflect the professionalism of production.Therefore, sexy underwear packaging design needs to pay attention to detail processing:

1. Printing technology: Special printing technology can be considered, such as bronzing, pressure patterns, etc., to enhance the texture and luxury of the entire packaging.

2. Feeling processing: Through some special material processing and hand -processing, the feel of the entire packaging is increased, so that consumers have a better experience when buying.

International market sex underwear packaging design case

The following are some successful packaging design cases in the international market:

1. Agent Provocateur: The main tone is based on red, with distinctive font logo and pattern elements, showing a strong sexy and privacy.

2. Maison Close: With black as the main tone, different materials and structural design are used to highlight the brand’s luxury and high -end sense.

3. Coco de Mer: The main tone is used with pink, with simple and clear text and pattern elements, showing small fresh and sexy traits.

in conclusion

Good erotic underwear packaging design can not only enhance the value and brand image of the product, but also attract potential consumers and promote sales.In designing sexy underwear packaging design, it should be fully considered to be fully considered the aspects of packaging material, structure, color, pattern, text, logo, size, shape and detail