Sexy underwear metal chain

Sexy underwear metal chain


Metal chain, as a design element of sexy underwear, is gradually being loved by consumers.It can bring mystery, uniqueness and a trace of rebellion to body lines, becoming one of the essential design elements of major brand sexy underwear series.This article will introduce metal chain sexy underwear from the aspects of materials, styles, and wearing methods.


The material of the metal chain is usually stainless steel, silver, copper, alloy, etc. These materials have strong wear resistance, ductility and weight.Among them, the stainless steel chain is one of the most common and popular materials, and it has the advantages of stable, good gloss, and not easy to rust.If you have an allergic reaction to the metal chain sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose silver, alloy or other materials.


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There are many styles of metal chain sexy underwear. The more common ones are chain underwear, chain three -point style, restraint set, etc.Among them, chain underwear and chain three -point style are relatively basic and universal styles. They can play mysterious and messy role in sex, or can go out of the street or party as a fashion accessory.The restraint kit is designed for SM enthusiasts, which can effectively perform physical constraints, training and control.

Method of dressing

Correctly understanding the method of wearing the metal chain is a matter of attention when use.First of all, you need to confirm your body size, which is based on the appropriate size.Secondly, if you want to have a better sense of comfort and effect when wearing, you can cooperate with some lubricant and perfume.For SM enthusiasts, you need to learn professional body restraint methods before wearing to avoid physical injuries.


The details of the metal chain are very important, which can make your dressing more perfect.For example, you can choose different styles and lengths according to your own figure to achieve the effect of modifying the body line.In addition, the accessories of the metal chain also need to be matched with the overall clothing style to avoid being too dazzling or uncoordinated.


Metal chain sexy underwear also needs to pay attention to.After use, wipe it with a soft cloth immediately to avoid rust from water residue.When storing, it is recommended to separate the metal chain from other decorations to avoid scratches or collisions.At the same time, it is also necessary to check whether the metal chain is worn, deformation, etc.

Suitable crowd

Metal chain erotic underwear is not suitable for everyone.Because wearing a metal chain sexy underwear requires a certain physical confidence and temperament, it is more suitable for people who like to try new things, dare to try, and have high aesthetic products.At the same time, the sexy and exposure of the metal chain actually means that it is more sensitive to the display of the body curve and is not suitable for all people.

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Metal chain sexy underwear is dangerous, and needs to pay attention to security issues.For example, you must be cautious during the wearing process to avoid falling off and hurting others or yourself under the condition of violent exercise. At the same time, the metal chain should not be worn for too long, too tight or forced the body will cause discomfort, or even danger.

Brand recommendation

If you want to buy metal chain sexy underwear, brand choice is also very important.There are many well -known sexy underwear brands at home and abroad, such as Yili, assistant wings, Page, etc., all have good metal chain sexy underwear series.You can choose according to factors such as your own aesthetics, budget, material preference.


Metal chain erotic underwear is not only a fashion and sexy element, but also a way to explore and express.While enjoying the beauty it brings, we also need to pay attention to safety and maintenance, so that it is one of the highlights of our sexual life or fashion dress.